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Birthdate: November, 1974
Height: 5 10
Weight: 177

I am a 32 year old aspiring fitness model currently working full time in Insurance as a Group Underwriter. I lived in Lawrence Kansas 31 years until moving to Orange County California just 9 months ago. I started weight training/bodybuilding at the age of 18, at that point mostly for confidence, respect, and to get attention from the ladies. My 155 pound 5'10" frame at age 18 quickly noticed results from lifting weights, I was hooked for life.

After my first 6 months of training, I participated in a local fashion show as a runway model as well as modeling for some newspaper/catalog advertisements. From there, the modeling efforts ceased and energies were focused on college and work. I stayed true to weight lifting however and by college graduation at 24, I hit the scales with a 205 pound bodyweight. I was however soft at 14% body fat. The next 8 years of training, I concentrated on maintaining a leaner more muscular and aesthetic physic.

I train fairly heavy keeping reps in the 5-10 range. I've found as long as I can devote 10+ hours per week to training which may include some cardio, I look my best. Less than 10 hours and my body looses its muscularity. Diet is very important as well, I watch my calories, sugars, and make sure to get plenty of protein. I drink 2-3 protein shakes per day in addition to 3-4 healthy meals. Current supplements include: Muscle Milk, flax seed oil, Liv-52, Multi vitamin mineral, guggli, and caffeine. Favorite cheat foods include cheesecake, pizza, ice cream and dark chocolate- so far in 2007; I've only had the chocolate.

The goal with fitness modeling at this point is to supplement my income for doing something I already do, eating right, and maintaining an athletic appearance. I have dreams of modeling and/or acting for my primary source of income. A personal goal is to grace the cover of a major magazine in the next 4 years, be it Men's Fitness and/or Men's Health.

Working with John Mitchell was wonderful. I look forward to modeling with him. His motivational words have kept me on track for this photo shoot. I've reached my best physical condition and leanness to date with Johns help.

John is full of positive and supportive energy. And he chooses to work with models with the same type of great outlook. Combining John and the other models assistance, I learned a tremendous amount about fitness modeling! The fashion and runway modeling I participated in many years back was a very different type of modeling. With fitness modeling I had to learn to adjust my hips, blow all the air out, flex numerous muscle groups simultaneously- all while trying to keep a relaxed face, believe me, it’s very challenging. You need someone like John to work with; it brings out the best you!

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