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Birthdate: November, 1982
Height: 6  Weight: 195 to 210

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Q. How long have you been working out and when did you get started? Who was your inspiration in your earlier life to get into the gym?
A. I have been working out for 9-10 yrs. I started my freshman year in highschool. My inspiration was to get bigger, faster and stronger for football. I wanted to bring out the best in myself.

Q. Did you play sports in high school? Did you workout during your high school years? List the sports you played in high school.
A. Yes, I played football since I was 7yrs old. I was an all state linebacker and played college ball. Until I hurt my shoulder and had to stop.

Q. Did you do bodybuilding contests before? If so, when and how did you do? What weight class did you compete at?
A. I ranked 3rd in the state of Michigan. I competed then as a heavyweight.

Q. Briefly describe your workout/diet regiment. What do you do during a typical week in the gym? Do you take supplements?
A. I keep my diet simple. The easier the better. I follow a high protein, low to moderate carbs. A typical week in the gym is never the same. I always change things up to keep my body guessing and to keep things interesting?

Q. What are some of your outside interests/hobbies outside of the gym? Favorite foods, music, movies, TV, magazines?
A. Outside of the gym I like to go out for sushi, watch movies and socialize with my friends.

Q. Where do you see yourself say in 5 years from now?
A. I see myself running a successfull personal training studio and being a well known model.

Q. Have you worked with John Mitchell of before? How do you compare these photos from any previous photoshoots you may have had with him?
A. John is a great person. He is very professional and motivating. He pushes you to be your best. He is not only a good photographer but also a good friend.

Q. How was the whole weekend photoshoot experience with John Mitchell? Would you recommend him to others trying to build a fitness/fashion modeling portfolio?
A. I would for sure recommend John to others. He is very professional and captures great pics.

Q. Matt, how long have you been a personal trainer?
A. I have been a personal trainer for 6 yrs. I love my job and enjoy helping others. I strive on educating myself everyday to further help other people. The more I know about health and nutrition. The better I can help change people's lives.

Q. Is your muscle all for show or do you have strength behind your appearance?
A. I am in great physical condition. I strive on keeping myself strong in mind and body.

Q. What program do you use for your personal training clients? Do you emphasize strength, cardio or dieting?
A. Everybody is different. I assess each of my clients and design a personalized program based on what they need. I make sure the I cover all aspects of fitness and nutrition with my clients.

Q. What about stretching?
A. Stretching is very important and everybody should incorporate it in their program.

Q. What sets you apart as a personal trainer?
A. I think what sets me apart as a personal trainer is that I don't want people to only rely on me for results. I want them to make a lifestyle change. I want to educate people enough so they can continue to change their lives by themselves. I want people to believe in therselves and know they have the strength to do it.

Q. Lastly, how would you describe yourself as an individual? Why do you think you will succeed in this fitness modeling/bodybuilding business?
A. Your motto in life should be to strive, to struggle, not succeed. Work well accomplished is the joy of life. Success or failure is immaterial. I know if I continue to remember that then I will be successful.

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