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Height: 5 8   Weight: 170

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My name is Trey Hoffart. I’m a bodybuilder/fitness model. I love the sport and the business - every aspect of it. I have been lifting for only 5 years but I love it. I would love to win some titles being an all natural bodybuilder maybe get my pro card and hopefully be able to do some fitness modeling. One thing for sure is Ill never quit lifting.

Outside of the fitness world I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to concerts, going on vacations, spending time with family, I enjoy playing video games on my free time; I also listen to a lot of different types of music such as rap and hardcore metal.

I also love eating (lol) I eat a lot of steak, seafood, vegetables, and different types of fish. I’m very spontaneous, outgoing, and very much a people person. I work well with pretty much anyone! Some of my goals after High school are; I plan on going to a community college for business, get my personal training license, my real estate license, and also my loan officer license. I also want to invest in stocks, real estate and a few other things. I guess you could say I’m somewhat of a business entrepreneur/bodybuilder/fitness model.

I am very glad that I met John this early in the business. He’s been a great friend and does amazing work. Spending the weekend with John was very fun! We cooked out, went out to eat, and watched movies and the Red Sox game. He took us to the local supermarket where he bought us food for the weekend, he also gave us a small tour of the college campus in Connecticut where we just walked around and gossiped. I also met clients Bobby and Gina Marie and became friends with them due to my association with John. He is a very nice person! I can not wait to work with him again! We have already scheduled a shoot in April, 2008 in Texas.

My workout schedule:

Mon: back, abs, pull ups, pull downs, T-bar, one arm rows.
Tues: chest, traps, abs, bench press, flys, cable crossovers.
Weds: legs, calves, squats, lunges, leg press, seated calf raise, standing calf raise.
Thurs: shoulders, traps, abs, shoulder press, side laterals, rows.
Fri: biceps, triceps, abs, pushdowns, pushups, kick backs, preacher curls, standing curls.

Accomplishments: Ronnie Coleman classic placing 4th in teen.
And the Branch Warren placing 3rd in teen.

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