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birthdate: october, 1980
height: 5 8   weight: 178
business website:

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In 1996, I competed in my first powerlifting competition at the age of 15. I did well with it, and wanted to continue competing in the sport. In May of 1998, I competed in the Georgia State AAU Powerlifting State Championship, and set four state records (bench press, squat, deadlift, and total) for my age and weight division. That qualified me for Nationals in Virginia Beach, VA. This was part of the Junior Olympics. In August of 1998, I set two national records (bench press and total), winning the gold medal and National Champion title for my age and weight division. After the accomplishments I had made in powerlifting, I was looking more and more into something more difficult, something requiring more discipline, something with much more show and spectators involved. That would be bodybuilding. I entered my first bodybuilding contest in the summer of 1999, the NPC Southeastern Gold's Gym Classic in Gadsden, AL. I placed 2nd in the teenage division, which amazed me. Another thing that amazed me was the crowd watching. There were over 800 in the audience that night. That was a lot for me, since it was my first show. The following month, I competed in the Mr. Teenage America show in Cleveland, OH, an event in the Junior Olympics. I placed 3rd there, receiving the bronze medal. But for both of the shows that summer, I really didn't know what I was doing at all as far as dieting or any other preparations go. I learned a lot the following year. The Mr. Georgia show was July 8, 2000 at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. I won the overall title for teens in the show. This gave me the title of Mr. Teenage Georgia 2000. From there, I took a year off from competing and have competed in the 2002 Eastern Seaboard, an NPC National Qualifier. There, I won the Junior middleweight as well as the Junior Overall title.

On July 22, 2006, I made my return to the sport of bodybuilding after a four-year wait. I competed in the SNBF Southern Open in Suwannee, GA. I placed 4th, not what I was expecting, but I suppose it’s a good lesson every now and then to not win. That way you won't get over-confident. I think I was a little over-confident. I expected to win the show easily. Since then I have become a major contender for the pro card, as 2007 as thus far consisted of three pro qualifiers where I have placed second only to the overall winner every time. Only the overall winner is to get the pro card. My next show is set for November 3, 2007 another shot at the pro card, and the final attempt for this year.

I have been a certified personal trainer since July of 2002. I have trained normal and special populations, people with many different types of medical or orthopedic disabilities, patients with diseases causing various types of metabolic dysfunction, patients of diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and many others, including experience in cardiac rehabilitation. I also have experience in training athletes of many different sports, from novice to elite.

I graduated in May of 2005 from Georgia College & State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. I graduated with a 3.95 overall GPA from the university and a 4.0 GPA in the Exercise Science program. Currently I am attending Life University's Doctor of Chiropractic program, planning to graduate in December 2008.

I worked with John for a third time on the weekend of June 27-28, 2008, this time being in close-to-show condition. This was by far the most productive of all photoshoots we had done together, as my experience in front of the camera, my condition, and his artistic mind in photography all came together to produce exceptional success in bringing about the best photos for me as a fitness model. I, again, would recommend any bodybuilder, fitness model, or aspiring fitness model to work with John if given the chance; he knows how to bring the best out of a person's physique. You're also likely get to meet other fitness models on a trip there, as he usually shoots 2 or 3 models at a time. This is important because it helps the fitness model by way of establishing acquaintances and learning other approaches with dieting, training, modeling, etc.

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