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Birthdate: March, 1979
Height: 6  Weight: 188

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My name is Micah LaCerte. I was born March of 1979 in Shawnee Mission, Ks. My ethnic background includes, French Canadian, Cherokee Indian and Greek. I have lived a number of places growing up, including, San Diego, Seattle, North Carolina and Kansas. Moving all the time like I have has helped me with being able to deal with sudden change if needed. Living in different environments and different cultures has also made me more aware of the diversity America has to offer. I have worked hard for everything I have and always appreciate even the small things.

I have been into fitness and keeping my body in great shape for almost 7 years now. I wasn't always into fitness like I am today. Growing up I was always skinny. I used to play a lot of sports through school but never focused on a healthy eating or working out with weights. I went to college at a small school in Kansas called Pittsburg State University. There wasn't a lot to do in that town so I started lifting weights in my free time. My main goal was to get that perfect body that was in all the fitness magazines. I went from a 155lb kid to 190lb fitness model.

I graduated from college in 2003 then moved back to the Kansas City area. I started doing Personal Training at different gyms and got so much satisfaction out of helping people with life changes. That's what really drives me in life, helping others. Regardless of what your dream is you need to be able to go and get it. Late 2003 a photographer contacted me off the Internet asking if I had ever modeled before. I had never even thought about doing something like that and couldn't see how I could make a living off of it. I made the drive to St Louis to shoot some portfolio work. I was so nervous and uncomfortable. We got a few good images out of the shoot but I was not satisfied with what came of it. I wanted more. From that moment on I started making small goals and long-term goals towards achieving my goals of being on the cover of a magazine. I started shooting with every photographer that would shoot me. I met Will Patterson ( here in Kansas City and he was the one that really helped me get many of my images. I became his assistant on photo shoots and really got to see the other side of the camera which made it that much easier to be a better model.

I signed with my Kansas City Modeling Agency "Exposure" in 2004. They landed me my first huge break. I was casted for a reality show called "Manhunt, the search for America's most gorgeous male model". It was very similar to Americas Next Top Model but for Men. Carmen Electra was the host of the show. I was eliminated very quickly in the competition. I have a fitness body not a fashion body and it was very obvious I didn't belong there. I was 6'0" 190 and many of the other guys were 6'2" 170. ThatÕs a huge difference in body types. I made all the contacts I needed from the show and made good relationships that would later land me many of the things I got today. It's been over 2 years since I shot that show and since then have done 2 covers for national fitness magazines, Men's Workout and Muscle and Body with Jennifer Nicole Lee. I have also been in over 20 national magazines including, Complete Woman "most Eligible Bachelors in America", Eastbay magazines, Skymall magazine, Men's workout, Exercise and Health, Exercise for Men just to name a few. I'm a spokes model for a piece of fitness equipment called Fitness Stride, and have a few huge deals coming up for more possible covers. It has been very tough to achieve all of this because I have lived in Kansas City most of the time after college doing all this through traveling making contacts and really promoting myself. The hard work has paid off for me though. I have been able to inspire and help so many others through my success.

I still do tons of modeling but juggle a few other things in the mix. I just recently joined in with a friend to be a personal trainer at her studio. I hold about 10-12 clients at a time. I also run all promotions and event coordination for a club district that has 1 nightclub, 3 upscale bars and a high-end restaurant. I run all their myspace pages and keep their clubs rocking and rolling. I run a successful Online Personal Training Business off of myspace as well. Check me out at

I have known John now for over a year. We talked mainly on the Internet and Phone. I am a super busy guy but heard he was coming to Kansas City and wanted to get the chance to shoot with him. We shot very well together. He is a class act guy and very professional, on top of that is very nice and patient with the new models. I will be shooting with John again in the middle of August and can't wait to see what we capture. I would advise anyone that wants to get some great images and wants to work with a very good photographer to contact John ASAP...You won't only get some great work out of it you will make a new friend. That's always the best thing that can happen

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