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Age 32, Height 6
Weight 185, Waist 33

As a personal fitness professional in the nation’s capitol, it is imperative for me to project a professional and healthy image. With the exceptions of actors and models in Los Angeles and South Beach, no one town cares more about their image than the lawyers, politicians, interns and lobbyist of Washington, DC. Through John’s photography skills, not only do my clients and potential clients get to see first hand the aesthetic benefits of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle, but they can see that I “practice what I preach” in order to keep myself in top physical shape.

I did my first shoot with John over 2 years ago. After connecting over the internet and viewing the pictures on his site, I decided to make a go of it. I flew to Connecticut and John graciously allowed me to stay in his home, rather than getting an expensive hotel room. He even made me breakfast the morning before the shoot!  What a host! That shoot turned out well and I believe we got some great shots. At the time I was 205lbs with about 12% body fat.

Fast forward to the year 2001. I had left my office job to pursue my lifetime dream of becoming a full time personal fitness professional/personal trainer and helping people reach and exceed their fitness goals. Now, I work for a fitness management company that runs most of the fitness centers in government buildings and I personal train part time for a gym in downtown DC. I’ve recently obtained my ACE Certification to be a Weight Loss and Lifestyles Management Consultant. Now, more than ever, I can help people reach their fitness and weight loss goals. After years of training clients, teaching body sculpt classes, and training myself, I am down to 185 pounds and 8% body fat. And I’m much happier than I was sitting at a desk selling computers all day.  My future plans include updating my website (sneak peak:, developing a proprietary fitness routine, and hopefully gracing the cover of a couple of the men’s fitness magazines out there. 

The second shoot with John went great. But I must confess, after seeing the caliber of bodybuilders and fitness models that John had photographed over the past two years, I was feeling less than “par”. John reassured me and said that I had never looked better. After two beautiful days, a zillion “costume” changes, and 20 or so rolls of film, I think John and I had created some fantastic images that will help me in my fitness and modeling careers. I would recommend John and to anyone desiring athletic shots for their portfolio or body shots just for fun!! He is entertaining, hospitable, and very professional. Thanks John for the opportunity of working with you again.

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