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Birthdate: November, 1982
Height: 6 Weight: 180 to 195

I was born in Rockland County, New York in 1982. Fitness and athletics became a huge part of my life not too long after that. By the age of 7 I was already playing organized soccer and baseball in local leagues. These two sports would eventually lead to fitness becoming a huge part of my life.

Once I started seeing some success in both sports, I wanted to have any edge possible. Before I was even a teenager, I found myself doing my pushups and sit-ups before bed routinely. This is when I started to realize that training off the field is what really shapes an athlete, both mentally and physically. As high school began, this dedication and drive to excel in fitness and athletics only grew stronger. By this time I was playing on competitive teams for both baseball and soccer, traveling all over the country for each. At about age 15, I was starting to realize that the athletes who were committed to off field training were the ones becoming even more successful. At this point, I knew I had to take that step.

Beginning by lifting free weights at home quickly grew into going to the gym with my father and eventually having my own membership. I was finding my increased size and strength helping me in both soccer and baseball, and mentally I felt like a prepared athlete 100% of the time. Before I knew it I was at Manhattan College playing Division 1 soccer.

Once I was playing at this level is where I really started taking my training, my nutrition, and my physique very seriously. Soccer obviously took care of my cardiovascular work, while hitting the gym frequently helped keep my size and strength. Once college was over fitness began to take over and become more of a "lifestyle" for me. My training days usually consist of one body part per day for no longer than 75 minutes, with usually one day off per week. Nutritionally, I eat a balanced diet which includes a high amount of both proteins (whey shakes, steak, turkey, egg whites) and carbohydrates (oatmeal, multi-grain breads, sweet potatoes, vegetables). I truly believe with the right dedication and effort, anyone can build the physique they've always wished they had.

Pursuing fitness modeling eventually became an idea of mine but was made a reality by John Mitchell. I'm glad I encountered such a professional to get me started. John was extremely easy to work with, and keeps everything calm and relaxed but very professional at the same time. I would definitely recommend contacting John Mitchell for a shoot if you're looking for a good working environment and a quality product.

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