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Birthdate: December, 1982
Height: 6 3 Weight: 205

I have always been an active and athletic person ever since I was a kid. (Have had a six pack since grade school) I played football for 7 years, up to my senior year in high school. I did a little working out at this time just to keep in shape for the sport but was never serious about it. I was always tall with wide shoulders and a small waist but pretty skinny until my senior year in high school when my thin 6'3" frame started filling out and I graduated at 180 lbs.

After high school I was lost, not sure what I wanted to do with my life like most people that age. I did what someone who graduates just high school is supposed to do and started going to college. I knew right away a boring desk job wasn't for me; I wanted something just as much physical as mental. Almost a year goes by and I still had no idea with what I wanted to do with my life. I was looking through a magazine and saw a fitness and physique article and decided I am going to build my body to that. That moment I went out to the garage, grabbed the pile of parts that were my fathers old bench set and put it together in my bed room. My father was into working out when I was growing up and taught me the simple basics of muscle groups, weight training, and eating to gain muscle. I started a basic work out routine and upped my caloric intake to start gaining weight. I started noticing results very quickly and so did everyone else that encouraged me to keep it up. I started educating myself about exercise and nutrition more and more. I started adjusting my eating and exercise as my knowledge of the subject grew. I learned to "listen" to my body and paid attention to the way it responded to different things. After packing on some mass I learned what exercises to use to sculpt, shape and define each muscle group on my already lean body. Before long a lot of people, even strangers off the street would complement my physique and ask for tips or even give me an offer to train them. I became fascinated with the human body and the way it adapts to training and nutrition and am now studying to be a certified personal trainer. Along with studying to become a CPT I will also be going back to finish up school and get my EMT to become a firefighter.

Soon after I started working out I was recruited by Abercrombie & Fitch for their, at the time, new male shirtless greeter program. This was standing in the front of the store shirtless, greeting costumers, taking pictures with them, and pretty much just having fun. I ended up being one of the top greeters in the country. I was sent to different A&F stores in the Midwest for certain events and was the runner up for the 03' Christmas bag model. I was involved with Abercrombie for 3 years and was still putting on muscle when they told me I was starting to get too big at 220 lbs and was asked to lose some muscle mass. Soon after that I suffered a shoulder injury and could not work out for 6 months and dropped back down to 192 lbs (Just recently got back up to 205 lbs) but being naturally lean still worked as an A&F greeter. I have also been approached by recruiters for high fashion agencies such as Elite, Ford and some others to attend casting calls. Being almost 6'3" I was the perfect height but I would hear from them "Great look but too muscular" and asked if I would be willing to lose quite a bit of hard earned muscle, which of course I wasn't. I want to get into modeling that is more into a defined muscular physique; my goal is to get the cover of a popular fitness magazine. I will continue to put on a little more muscle but my main focus now is to shred, sculpt, and define my body to be as perfect at possible and pursue my goals.

Ideally I like to work out 6 days a week training the entire body twice in a week.

Day1 and 4- Back, Biceps, Forearms, calves, abs
Day2 and 5- Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Day3 and 6- Quads, Hamstrings, Calves
Day7- Rest

I also do 4 or 5 different exercises for larger muscle groups and 3 or 4 for smaller ones. I start out each muscle group with the first 2 exercises power exercises promote growth and follow up with the last 2 exercises to separate, shape, or define the muscle. (ex. Biceps- Heavy barbell curls for mass 5 sets. Incline dumbbell curls for shape and length 4 sets. Concentration curls for outer definition and peek 4 sets.)

I love the whole weight training and fitness lifestyle and it's a big part of my life but I won't become a slave to it like a lot of people do. If your not dieting for something specific like a bodybuilding contest or a photo shoot go out and have a beer with friends, eat a burger, hit the bars and clubs, or party all night ... every once in a while. I am by no means saying I am not dedicated because I am, I have made plenty of sacrifices and paid dues. I am the kind of guy who likes to go out and have fun but very driven when I have set a goal for myself.

Thanks John, it was a nice experience working with you and I am looking forward to next time. Very creative shots in all aspects, poses, backgrounds, and props. And besides being professional, very friendly too, it's obvious he wants the best for you and will help you get there. It may have been long, hot, exhausting days but it is definitely a case where hard work paid off. Oh and taking us to get some ice cream was nice but going to the all you can eat buffet after the last day of shooting was the best. And I really appreciate you letting me stay an extra day so I could check out New York City, thanks again.

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