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Date of Birth: March, 1978
Height: 5 5  Weight: 165 to 195

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"For with God nothing will be impossible." (Luke 1:37). My name is Bradley Aubry, I was born in Ft. Knox Kentucky with my best friend, my twin sister. I am of Haitian decent. I currently reside in Tampa, FL. As a military brat I have been fortunate enough to travel the world. At that particular time I didn’t know it but my bodybuilding quest begun in an African country called Tchad in 1991. I have always been athletic. I enjoyed playing basketball and football. But one day my father, Command Inspector General Sergeant Major in the Army, brought home a weight set in the summer of ’91. That was the first time I picked up weights and haven’t let them down since then. I worked out for many hours; everyday for the whole summer that year (my knowledge has come a long way). My desire for working out grew more when we got stationed to Zaire in Africa. Fortunately as it was destined to be the home that was provided to us from the military was located next to the marine house. The marines had a gym they built themselves which they called the “House of Pain.” I would train with the marines and they took me under their wings, and expanded my knowledge of bodybuilding. I learned about the different pieces to the puzzle of bodybuilding, nutrition, supplementation, resting, and weight training. With all this knowledge I applied it to myself and I was able to see my physique change drastically.

Then we traveled back to the United of States where I went to college and joined Golds Gym in Tampa, FL and continued my obsession with bodybuilding. I was approached by different members of the gym and they would ask me if I was getting ready for a show? They would also compliment me on having great symmetry, tiny joints, full muscle bellies, etc…. I took notice of what they were saying and decided to prepare myself for my first show. In 2002 I made a decision that I now regret, I started using performance enhancing drugs to assist me on getting to the next level. Ron Emmery, a retired bodybuilder/personal trainer got me in the best condition I could ever imagine. I did the Hurricane Bay as a middleweight in 2004. I competed in the open class and took 3rd for my first show. Even though I took 3rd I enjoyed every moment of it. At that point I knew bodybuilding was going to become an essential part of my life. I went back to the gym with the focus of getting 1st place in the next show that I would do.

God blessed me with an awesome person in my life, my fiancé. My fiancé is my rock. Her name is Christina Piedra and my life changed forever in the month of December 2005. That is when she informed me that she was pregnant. At this point in my life I made the wise decision of converting to a drug free bodybuilder and dedicating my life back to God. My son, Marcelo Rene Aubry, was a blessing in disguise. Due to the memorable event of the birth of my son I fell out of the bodybuilding scene to help my fiancé with our newborn son. I lost a good amount of muscle and shrunk to 170lbs at 18% body fat. She has always believed in me and felt that I had the genetics to do well competing naturally. It was because of her non-stop support and encouragement that I was able to get back into the gym and compete naturally. So in March 2007, I decided to stop living an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle and got back into the gym. It was difficult at first because I was starting at the bottom and this time with no assistance of performance enhancing drugs. My family and God kept my eyes focused on the prize. Thank goodness for muscle memory! I was back in the groove of things and was ready to diet down after 6 months of intensified training and dedication. I hooked up with Robert Mesa, a retired natural bodybuilder, to help me get ready for a tested show that was in a couple of months. Robert Mesa is now my friend and the best trainer a competitor could ask for. I won 1st place in the Middleweight class at the NPC Florida Gold Cup weighing 160lbs. I took it as a sign from God that competing naturally was the right road to travel. I will continue to compete naturally with the intentions to prove to others that you can achieve a winning physique by applying yourself. Knowledge is the best drug I have ever used to create a healthy natural physique that I can be proud of.

Bodybuilding is not a sport to me but a lifestyle. I wake up and go to bed with bodybuilding on my mind, my fiancé can testify to that. I use to train 5-6 days a week, but with the knowledge obtained throughout the years I learn that rest is crucial for muscle recovery and making gains. So now I train 4days a week. My training partner and I spend an hour on the weights and at least 30 minutes doing cardio. Diet is critical to making progress to your physique. Dieting has been an enjoyable challenge for me because of all the components that makeup a diet. The timing of meals consumed, contents of the food, the frequency of the meals eaten throughout the day and the list goes on. I practice the zigzag diet faithfully. I keep my protein constant and increase or decrease my carbs throughout the week. This method has worked out very well with my genetic makeup. Being converted to a natural bodybuilder I educated myself more about supplements, which is now a big part of my diet. My focus is to stay pretty lean year round and still make some gains to improve my physique gradually. The physique is a masterpiece and it should be approached as such when training. I concentrate on shape, symmetry and balance while trying to pack on the muscle.

My goals in bodybuilding are to turn pro and get a sponsorship by a supplement company. The dedication I have for the sport of bodybuilding is bar none. I am certified through ISSA in personal training, nutrition, and fitness therapy. I got an associate in physical education and will be working on my bachelor degree in sports management/wellness. My next ventures will be in fitness modeling and starting my own personal training business, VersaFit Inc. with my fiancé. Currently I am a part of Silverbac which is a new bodybuilding clothing line coming out January of ’08. I have two websites that will be launched in ’08 as well. My mission will be to promote natural bodybuilding and prove to others you can make it in the world of fitness with out using performance enhancing drugs. With all that said I know my goals will be met because I have the support of my family and the blessings from God. “Live to be fit and be fit to live.”

Honestly I was skeptic about driving from Tampa to Naples to meet John to do my first photo shoot. When I got to Naples and met John for the first time he made me feel very comfortable about my decision to come down for the photo shoot. For it being my first photo shoot John made it an easy, fun going process. John was great to work with and made my experience a memorable one. Even our 2nd photo shoot which was held in Tampa, FL was fun and relaxing. John makes fitness modeling an enjoyable event more than a job. I plan on working with John in the future to further my opportunities in the fitness modeling industry. Thanks John for letting me be part of BBpics and a great opportunity in fitness modeling. Stay Natural. Stay Real.

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