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Birthdate: January, 1977
Height: 5 6 Weight: 165 to 170
Chest: 43 Biceps: 16 1/2 Waist: 30
Quads: 23 Calves 15 1/4

Hello, my name is Rob Weppler. I am a natural bodybuilder, originally from a small town called Listowel Ontario. I now reside in Sarnia, Ontario, which is about an hour drive from Detroit, Michigan. I am presently self employed as a personal trainer, and have two part time jobs as a bouncer at local night clubs.

When I was 11 years old, my father bought me some weights, and from that moment I knew that I have found my passion in life. During these years I was active in sports such as hockey, soccer, bowling, martial arts, and weightlifting.

I believe that the biggest reason why I got into fitness was my mother. When I was seven years old, she had a terrible fall at her work and developed fibro from the injury she had sustained. Because of my mother's struggles, I knew that health and fitness is what I wanted to teach; I have always wanted to help others avoid going through the same trials and tribulations as my mother did.

During my late teens I applied to Lambton College in Sarnia and entered the Sports and Recreations Administration Program. After finishing school I wanted to challenge myself in other aspects. I contacted a man named Ken Hutchins and received a certification for super slow training at Ken's studio in Orlando Fl. In September of 2000 I started personal training at a health club in Sarnia.

For years people always seemed to ask," Rob, when are you going to enter a bodybuilding show?" I began to compete in 2002. My first competition was in 2002 in Brantford, Ontario, as a lightweight (154lbs and under) and I won first place in my weight class. I then competed a month later in London, Ontario and placed 2nd in my weight class at a level 2 event.

The extent of my bodybuilding careers is as follows:

1) Level one 1st place, Brantford, Ontario, 2002 (lightweight 154lbs and under)
2) Level two 2nd place, London, Ontario, 2002 (lightweight 154lbs and under)
3) Level three (provincials), 3rd place, London, Ontario 2003 as a welterweight
(165lbs and under)
4) Level three (provincials), 1st place, London, Ontario, 2004 as a lightweight (154lbs and under)
5) Canadians Championships 11th place, Edmonton, Alberta, 2005 as a lightweight (154lbs and under)

During 2004, I went through many changes in my life. I decided to start my own business, and I must say I now have the utmost respect for small business owners, on all the trials and tribulations that we go through mentally, physically, and financially. I would have never thought owning a business was going to be this tough.

I have now decided to take a shot at modeling, and am prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed. My workouts routines changes every week. I train heavy for three weeks out of the month and train light for the other week.

My schedules are as follows:
1) Monday chest, abs
2) Tuesday back
3) Wednesday quads
4) Thursday shoulder's, abs
5) Friday Arms
6) Saturday Hamstrings, lower back, and calves,
7) Sunday Rest/cheat day

Also, I do cardiovascular workouts once or twice a day at least six hrs a part, no more than 30 minutes at a time which is usually a walk on the beach or the recumbent bike. I usually eat healthy all year around to keep my weight within 15lbs of contest shape, which makes it easy to get lean whenever I need to.

My daily food intake is the following:

1) Breakfast 6 egg whites, a scoop of protein powder (low in fats and sugars), and a 8 ounce potato
2) Snack 1 can of water based tuna, ¾ cup of dry brown rice
3) Lunch 6-8 egg whites, ¾ cup of oatmeal, 2/3 cup of berries, 1-2 cups
of leafy greens
4) Snack 1 can of water based tuna, 1 eight ounce potato
5) Supper 8 ounce chicken/turkey breast, 1 eight ounce potato
6) Snack 8 egg whites or a protein shake

If I want to have a snack at night time I also would have some dill pickles or some popcorn, I usually drink 4-5 liters of water daily and also have one diet pop a day.

My carbohydrates intake and protein intake changes as I prepared for contests.


Hiking, camping, tennis, soccer, reading SI, computers, working out, Sony play station, cooking/baking, hockey, listen to 70's rock, indoor rock climbing, animals, martial arts, gold, inline skating, animals, volunteer work, burning cd's, hanging out with friends, swimming, chilling out at the
beach, traveling, bodybuilding, and hopefully modeling contracts ;), boating, ice fishing, Anything that has do with animals

Well let me tell you all about the experience I had with John Mitchell in Connecticut. I flew into Hartford, CT on Thursday arriving in the late afternoon where I was picked up promptly outside baggage claim by John. Unfortunately it took us 1-½ hours to get to his place due to several accidents along the route. During this time we had lots of time to discuss and get to know each other more, which was really nice.

He took my measurements and then we went out to dinner. On the Friday, John had another fellow named Isaac show up for his day shoot. Isaac was a great guy to meet and he helped me out with the modeling poses, which was great. We left around 10 am to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. The clouds and lighting were great; the beach was even better because there was no one there, which made this shoot much easier.

Then on the Saturday, John and I had the whole day to ourselves and we went to a sweet spot outside of the University of Connecticut where I must say the weather was gorgeous. We lucked out big time! We took many of pictures by the beach, an old brick building, logs, and other backdrops that day. John really knew how to capture my body especially with the use of shadows and lighting. Later that day after we finished shooting we decided to go to see Star Wars Episode 3. The movie was great and was a much needed break. After the show I decided to cook for John and myself. The meal was great we had some chicken, rice, and potatoes and corn. After that meal I had some downtime and watched ESPN Sports center.

Sunday's weather was true to the local forecast- cloudy, windy and chilly. I had really been blessed that my two days of working with John although windy and chilly had ample lighting. It does make a difference. Wait until you see these shots on his site!

These 7 individuals that I met were really cool guys. I felt sorry for them a bit because the lighting wasn't the greatest and the weather was very cool, but they were tough and did a great job.

To anyone that has been approached by John about doing pictures please take him up on the offer. He will do an awesome job and is a great guy to work with whether you are a novice like me or an experienced fitness/fashion model. He is true to his word in every way. From his hospitality to his pictures John is a class act and even a better friend. I can't wait for the next time to shoot again with John. It was definitely an experience that was worth the trip. If you are nervous or have any questions about the work I did with John feel free to email me and I'll be gladly to talk to you about it.

John you are the best and I hope you have a great summer.

Websites that I am on are the following:
This website show pictures and videos from 2003 Ontario bodybuilding championships. Where I competed in the welterweight division.
This site shows pictures of the 2004 Ontario Bodybuilding championships where I competed in a lightweight division.
This site shows the placing for the Canadian championships in Edmonton 2004.

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