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Birthdate: July, 1983
Weight: 188 to 217
Neck: 17  Chest: 46
Arms: 17 1/2  Waist: 31 1/2
Quads: 23 1/2  Calves: 15 1/4

Hello my name is Jules Payette; I am 23 years old from Berlin, NH. I started training and competing for Bodybuilding on April of 2005 after a brief stint the National Guards. The first contest I ever entered was The 2005 INBF N3 Championships in which I place 2nd in the Men's Novice division. My weight was 170 competition and 195 in the off-season but this past winter I started training heavy and my peak weight was 217 pounds . Some of my best lifts during the off-season were a 450 pd max bench press, 435 squat for 6 reps, and a deadlift of 500 pds for 2 reps. I made some bi changes to diet and training in preparation for m upcoming contests in 2006. They are as follow.

Precontest Diet
Meal 1- 2 scoops whey with water plus 5 grams creatine and glutamine
Meal 2- 12egg whites with two pieces of low carb whole wheat bread
Meal 3- Steak or chicken with brown rice or oatmeal with 5 grams creatine and glutamine.
Meal 4- 2 scoops whey with water and 2-3 whole grain rice cakes with 5 grams creatine and glutamine.
Meal 5- Chicken, steak, or tuna with a large salad with ff dressing
Meal 6- 2 scoops whey with water and 1 or 2 slices low carb whole wheat bread plus 5 grams of creatine and glutamine.

Precontest Training Schedule
Day 1- Chest and hanging leg raises
Day 2- Quads and Hamstrings and decline ab crunches
Day 3- Biceps and Triceps with side crunches and machine crunches
Day 4- Deltoids and Calves
Day 5- Back and Leg Extensions (light 12-15 reps for added definition)
Repeat may rest after 10 days or so

Cardio is done Monday-Saturday on treadmill in morning for 45 mins and then at night at least 4 of those days for an intense 30 minute session.

Competition Results
2005 INBF Gatecity Bodybuilding Championships
1st place Junior Men Division and 4th in Novice Men.
2006 OCB Maine Event
3rd place Men's Division
2006 INBF Gatecity Bodybuilding Championships (Oct 21st)

2006 INBF Monster Mash Championships (Nov 4th)

My hobbies include playing ice hockey and golf when I have the time. When I'm not in the gym or at the office I enjoy going out to eat at good restaurants and enjoying a good comedy or action flick. Some of my favorite movies are Pumping Iron, All Rocky movies, Meet the Parents, and Boondock Saints. I also enjoy going bowling and have gotten pretty good at it. My best game so far is a 210 which is good considering I only go about once or twice a week. My ultimate sport is hockey in which I have been playing since I was three years old. I played junior hockey in Laconia, NH for the Leafs after high school and could of play at the University of Southern Maine but my main passion is bodybuilding.

Well I haven't done a shoot with John in about nine months due to intense training to add muscle mass. Then John came up to Berlin where I am from and we did an amazing shoot and thus made me remember how much of a true professional John is. I can honestly say that John is more than just a photographer, he is also a good friend and I can't wait to do another shoot with him in the future.

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