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Birthdate: January, 1971
Height: 5 11 1/2
Weight: 200 to 220

I am a natural drug free athlete who has been involved in health, fitness and athletics since an early age. I was born in London, England, UK I'm 34 years young. I am student of physique display, thus my work with various art schools, photographers, artists, and bodybuilding events. I am an educator on various aspects of optimal fitness and health, and teach via articles, books, my website, and spoken word. Along with the all the above I am an accomplished artist who has done numerous commissioned works.

I have always been interested in being strong and muscular. In a school play when I was about 10 years old I played the strongman of a circus, leopard skin and tights and all. I didn't start lifting weights till I was about 17 years old, the reason was that I had incurred an injury at birth that had caused some weakness in my right shoulder and arm (due to shortening) as I aged it became obvious so due to vanity and survival I decided to strengthen it. I was a big baby, almost 11 lbs and got stuck in my mother during birth. My shoulder dislocated and was never reset. So much for gentle beginnings.

I've been training for 16-17 years with weights. I started off at about 155lbs and over time got up to a high of 230ish. Took a lot of food, right now I'm around 210ish or so. My training philosophy has evolved over years of training and research. Started of with very high volume methods (3 hour workouts were not uncommon). I even tried a 12 hour workout twice (24 mini workouts done every 1/2 hour). Experimented with a large variety of training methods, super slow, fast speed, partial rep, full reps, high volume, low volume, different body part splits, etc.

I eventually arrived at the conclusion that real muscular growth was realized via brief and infrequent workouts for most of the year. So nowadays I train about 3 times a week in the off-season and more frequently when I'm preparing for an event.

I became aware of John through a mutual contact. Finding a photographer who is both professional and creative is a rare find in this industry, and John is both. John's infectious energy and drive allowed for a very productive and creative photo shoot. On our photo shoot we managed to create a variety of photographic representations, ranging from formal wear to physique display. I would highly recommend working with John if you wish to have a portfolio that represents you in a professional and creative manner.

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