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Born April 1980
Height 5' 8½"
Weight 198 lbs contest, 216 lbs off-season

SPONSORS: Weider Nutrition – 12 years; Saranac Gloves – 8 years; Flex Equipment – 4 years; Max Muscle Clothing – 2 years.

SPECIAL INTEREST: Boxing; Football; Basketball; Gymnastics; Tennis, UFC Fighting; Tae Kwon Do; Track; Music.



FAVORITE FOOD: Chinese; Vanilla Ice Cream; Steak; Apple Pie.

FAVORITE PLACE: Hawaii (the beach); Vienna, Austria; South Beach Miami, Florida.

BEST GYM: Powerhouse Gym.



FAVORITE MOVIES: Road to Perdition; Braveheart; Meet Joe Black

“No dream can become a reality until it has become an obsession...” Aside from bodybuilding, I’ve learned that you must have a balanced mind as well as body. ASSESS. ADAPT. IMPROVISE these are the tenets by which I live my life. Master these things, and you can conquer any situation. Some of my favorite books are The Art of War; by Sun Tzu --4,000 year-old Taoist philosophy by the original warrior/poet. A Brief History of Time by Professor Stephen Hawking -- theoretical meta-physics, grand unification theories, and the reconciliation of Einstien`s relativity principle with quantum mechanics made simple. I enjoy horse riding. There is something so absolutely beautiful and powerful about those animals. I wish to own one in the future. I love poetry, all forms of music, playing pool, joke telling, driving fast cars, partying, traveling and swimming. I own a GSXR Suzuki and love the feeling of freedom it gives me. I’m a fanatic for sports, in particular track, football, and tae kwon do. I find that the difference between personality and character is this: character is what u do when you THINK no one is looking and no one can find out; hence, this world has a way of showing people`s character flaws... I am not here searching for anything. I believe Woody Allen's words, that 80% of it happening is BEING THERE. So here I am. I have made friends in far away places and met people who could challenge my mind, others who could make me laugh, and even one woman who captured (and subsequently broke) my heart. I am here for the experience. Any who can contribute to the experience are welcome.

John Mitchell pulls together an amazing array of talents to create the finished cover works of art that you see on your newsstands. Don't be fooled, although the covers and celebrity features always looks spectacular, I can vouch for the fact that they were not a snap to create. Although he was constantly busy finding perfect angles and directing my next position, he was very warm and friendly. He welcomed my questions and let me push the envelope a bit. John loves what he does and it shows. Although he agreed that live photo shoots sometimes require him to travel to different locations, he was excited to do my shoot in his hometown. Over the course of many hours he orchestrated a fabulous array of shots that transformed me into a wide range of stunning poses and looks. Exuding total serenity and coolness in the sea of constant activity; he stopped only briefly to eat a sandwich, and confer on his cell phone to handle model related business. He was clear about the fact that he finds tremendous career fulfillment in his work with photography. I had a wonderful time! I definitely recommend anyone who is seriously interested to work with John Mitchell.

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