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Height: 6 2, Weight: 200
Chest: 44, Arms: 17, Waist: 32
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I was born on December 16th, 1979 to an Italian mother and a Greek father was raised in King of Prussia, P.A. During my youth I immersed myself in athletic pursuits (basketball, baseball, soccer). I attended the Haverford School as well as Northfield Mount Hermon during my high school years. I am now studying at the University of Miami majoring in English Literature with a minor in Classical Antiquity (the study of ancient Rome and Greece).

Beside an affinity for the ancient world, I am also interested in Spanish Poetry and my musical interests range from classical Italian opera to rai music . Favorite movies range from such films as "Zorba The Greek", "Il Postino", "English Patient", "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Cinema Paradiso" to the movie "Gladiator". In the future I hope to reside in my favorite city of Rome.

I began modeling a few years ago in Philadelphia with Jim Alden (, and I've been working ever since. I've had the opportunity to shoot with Les Byerley, Raymond Vino, Brian To, Steven Underhill, David Vance, and Pablo Alfaro among others. Raymond Vino shot me for Exercise For Men Only, while David Vance used me on the cover of his book, "Attractions". The highlight thus far has been shooting with Bruce Weber for Abercrombie & Fitch in their summer 2001 catalog. The nude helicopter shot created quite a stir and was featured in both print and television since certain groups banned the Quarterly. After doing Abercrombie I took a hiatus from my training/modeling to publish a poetry collection in Rome, Italy titled The Soul of A Young Man. After I finished publishing the book, I stayed in Italy for the entire summer traveling through Amalfi, Naples, Rome, Orvieto, Milan, Florence and Venice. When I returned from Italy, I had several book-signings, and lectured to the BOAS poetry society here in Miami.

After doing this for a bit, I decided to resume my training in the gym. I had thinned down to 180 lbs from a high of 205 lbs. I shot the Abercrombie at about 195, and had hoped to get back to at least 190. I've done this and more, as I am about 203 lbs now.

I workout 3 days on and 1 day off - My training right now is:

Day 1: Chest
Day 2: Back/Shoulders
Day 3: Arms/Abs
Day 4: Off
Day 5: Legs

I ensure that I have 200 grams of protein per day, and often supplement with Myoplex Shakes if I miss meals.

Working with John was a pleasure, yet it was hard work as well. No one has worked me as hard as John did. I've never shot 20+ rolls before in my life, so it was a new experience for me. Immediately when he arrived, we shot some pictures at my school, The University of Miami, before taking a chop-chop break. On Saturday, we were 'rained out,' but we managed to shoot some rolls in the hotel room. On Sunday we accomplished a great deal in South Beach; we started in the early morning and shot into the afternoon. I'm very pleased with the quality of the shots, and plan to feature plenty of them on my site - - I'm also planning on shooting with John in Connecticut towards the end of the summer.

BASIC 8 Meal Plan DIET

Meal 1
6-8 egg whites/ 2 yolks
1 cup of cooked oatmeal
1 fruit (banana or non sugar fruit)
Whole wheat or High Grain Bread product
Fruit Juice 8-16 ounces Natural no sugars added

Meal 2
10-12 oz of white skin removed Chicken Breast
cup of long gained brown rice
1 cup of diced red/green peppers with onions
Fruit juice 8-16 ounces Natural no sugars added

Meal 3
Post Workout
2 scoops Celltech, 1 scoop carbo fuel, 10g Glutamine
2 scoops Isopure
(Based on schedule the meals will change in order)

Meal 4
10-12 ounces of ground turkey or Tuna White meat (in water)
1 cup of white rice cooked
1/4 cup of corn/ mixed with green vegetable
Clear water 8-12 oz (as much as possible last)

Meal 5
10-12 ounces of cooked white fish ( broiled or steamed)
1 cup of long grained brown rice
1 green vegetable
2 Apples
Clear water 8-16 ounces ( as much as possible last)

Meal 6
Fresh salad of greens
Lite Dressing allowed
2 whole grained bread products
Clear water 8-16 ounces ( as much as possible last)

Meal 7
1/2 lb of lean ground steak cooked
2 baked potatoes
2 bananas
Clear water 8-16 ounces (as much as possible last)

Bedtime meal 8
8-12 ounces of protein Shake ( with fruit added for taste)

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