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Age: 25
Height: 5 10 1/2
Weight: 180 to 195

My name is Matthew Beggin from the lovely Scranton, PA. I graduated from the University of Scranton with a Bachelors Degree in Biology / Pre-Dentistry. I chose an indirect route to the field of dentistry as I skipped out on dental school and became a fairly successful Sales Representative for the third largest dental supplier in the world. However my true passion in life is fitness, which is why I am returning back to school for a Masters degree in Nutrition as well as obtaining my personal training certification.

Throughout high school and college I was constantly active in sports whether organized or intramural. My tenure at Valley View consisted of Baseball, Soccer, and even dipped into football as a kicker. After college I was awarded a scholarship for baseball as a middle infielder and started all four years, 2 years as captain and also nominated as an Academic All American my senior year. When I wasn’t on the baseball diamond you could find me on the golf course, lake, hanging out with friends or in the woods hunting for whatever was in season.

I am sure you are wondering how I became involved in bodybuilding or maybe not but here it goes. I like to say it all started when I was about 12 and had the little brother syndrome. My older brother used to work out in the basement and I was his shadow being some 15 years younger. This was just the beginning however because I didn’t get serious until my junior year of college after having shoulder surgery and abstaining 8 months of rehab. Over the course of rehab I started seeing some real results and vowed to myself that I would never get hurt again and take this fitness thing serious. Well it paid off on September 17 2005 at my 1st show, the Steele Jungle Natural Extravaganza, as I took 1st place in both the Novice and Open Middleweight divisions. To win this show my off season routine consists of lifting as heavy I can 5 days out of the week for sets of 12 to 4 reps. My carbohydrate and fat intake go up as well with supplementations of protein, creatine, glutamine and a multi-vitamin, the staples in my diet. Pre-contest I dial myself in with a12-16 week diet that gradually cuts carbs/fats while increasing protein consumption. During these weeks I incorporate cardio and fat burners while still lifting as heavy as I can to retain what muscle I have.

I would like to thank my parents first and foremost because without them I would probably be broke buying all the food I eat. I would especially like to thank my father for cooking a lot of those meals for me, without him I would have been starving. Next what could I say, he’s my boy and workout partner, Charlie Davis. Over the past year we kicked our workouts into high gear, with blood, sweat and tears and it paid off, Thanks son for all those nights I went home and woke up screaming from muscle cramps. Lastly to all my friends throughout all of this, without your respect and support I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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