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Birthdate: August, 1980
Height: 5 3 1/2
Weight: 154 contest to 190 off season

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“Without discipline, there’s not life at all!” My name is Jabar Miles, a.k.a. “GUNZ,” for obvious reasons. I was born and raised in the very hot state of Arizona. Growing up, my life was consumed with soccer and wrestling. When I wasn’t on the soccer field, I was training in the gym. Training for wrestling, I noticed I had great genetics for bodybuilding. My back was shredded, shoulders were broad, and I had biceps that were unreal. I spent most of my time in the gym, managing to keep myself out of trouble (sort of).

A year after I graduated high school, I hit the gym hard. While training at Fitness West, I was approached by Cedric Kimble, who would soon become my trainer. His curiosity as to why I wasn’t competing quickly grabbed my attention. With phenomenal genetics and the physique I had already obtained, I was headed straight for the stage. With direction from Cedric, I put on some size and prepared for my 1st show.

Fast forward to March 2002. My debut onstage was at the Western Regional All Natural Bodybuilding Competition, where I took 1st place as a bantamweight competitor and 1st place in novice middleweight. That was all it took. There after, bodybuilding became my drug and I was quickly hooked.

July 2002 at the NPC Arizona Bodybuilding Championship, I placed 2nd in the bantamweight class, beat out by a great athlete, Jesse Lopez. This competition motivated me to push myself to new heights in the gym and onstage. Although tremendous genetics were in my favor, better conditioning and proper dieting would guarantee my victory at my next competition. It did just that. The NPC Arizona Bodybuilding Championships in July 2003 would be my year to climb back into 1st place.

I continued to train with the same intensity and focus for another year with the goal in mind to put on more muscle! I would be competing in a higher weight class next year and size was crucial. Getting 1st place at the 2004 NPC Arizona Competition never felt so damn good! One of the competitors in particular was very intimidated by reputation and did everything he could to try and get into my head. He tried to beat me but his attempts were futile. Nice try “Mighty Rat.”

That would be my last competition for the next 3 years. I had some unforeseen family circumstances that kept me away from my passion and the world in which it resides. I took 2 years off and sadly fell out of the scene completely. During this hardship, I did not step foot in the gym. Luckily, I found my way back.

I recently just took 1st place in the NPC Max Muscle Competition in June 2007. I came in as a lightweight. I also competed in the USA’s in Vegas as a lightweight, not expecting to compete at all in this competition and took 8th.

Die Hard Gym is where my day starts. I currently train with the best trainer in Arizona, Tim Sparks. I also have the best posing coach around, Lenny Archambault. In order to grow, you have to stimulate your muscles correctly so I spend an hour at the gym, 4 days a week to keep my physique. I train Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. If I’m getting ready for a show, you can find me in the gym every morning and night doing cardio on top of my high intensity work out.

My diet is pretty consistent whether it’s on or off season. I believe that “you are what you eat.” Your body reflects what you consume so I eat clean. When I’m dieting down for a competition, I rise at 6am to snack on 7 egg whites and oatmeal. I hit the gym by 7 am. My protein shake follows my work out. I eat another meal at 10 am, 12pm, 3 pm, and 6 pm. Then my last meal is my protein shake at 9 pm.
On my “off “season when I’m bulking up I pack on as many “good” calories as I can. I consume a lot of steak, chicken, fish, rice, pasta, broccoli, and spinach. For me, dieting is a 24/7 thing all year long. I avoid packing on unnecessary fat. That way I maintain solid muscle.

I believe that discipline is the key to success. I’m very dedicated to this sport. My ambition has carried me through life. I will continue to seek greatness and strive to be the best because I know what I’m capable of. My aspirations are to become a professional bodybuilder or professional WWE Wrestler. =)

I want to thank John for giving me such an awesome opportunity. I’ve done other photo shoots but never felt as comfortable as I did working with him. The experience was the best I’ve ever had. His hospitality was like no other, and he became a really good friend of mine. I was out in Connecticut for 5 days and John made sure I was taken care of. He is truly an awesome person to work with. Thank you


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