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Birthdate: March, 1987
Height: 5 10   Weight: 210 to 255

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Welcome. My name is Mikhail Viehmeyer. I am currently a 20 year old bodybuilder/physique model based out of Florida. I have been bodybuilding for around two and an half years now. I body build with a passion for the artistic side of athleticism and a love for self improvement and both physical and mental challenges. I am currently pursuing physique modeling in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. Why do you ask? I do this because it brings a positive drive and balance to my life. It also gives me many goals and helps me drive myself beyond my own personal limitations. It comes natural and I believe I am meant to do this. This passion has me on quite the journey.

I first started lifting and Bodybuilding when I was 18 years old starting at a lean 185.lbs. Before bodybuilding I ran 6 miles a day for four years previous. I also did construction full time, so, I had a strong base. After three months of hard lifting I went on to compete as a natural competitor at the 2005 NPC Hurricane Bay Bodybuilding Championship. I placed 1st in my class at a weight of 195.lbs.A few months later I had bulked up to 250.lbs and cut down to 210 to compete in the 2006 NPC Central Florida Championships at 19 yrs young winning the first place trophy!

At this point I was living on my own a paying my dues. Later that year after many hardships in my personal life both emotional and financial I was dieting down and preparing for Teen Nationals. I was doing my diet as planed and hit a financial slump and also got extremely ill. The doctor advised me to call it off. So, I went off my diet then decided I can not quit after working so hard. There was no way! It is not in my blood to back down. So, I went back on my diet one week out from the show. I ended up having to drive from Florida to PA to compete because I had canceled my plane tickets thinking I was not going to be competing. So, I jumped in my car three days out with just enough money for gas and I was on my way still somewhat sick on this road trip to the contest. My car didn't exactly make it with its bold tires. It got me to Virginia where I hitched a ride from Virginia and made it about 200 miles before the truck’s transmission blew. From the side of the high way I hitched a ride with a semi truck driver and made it to teen nationals on two and a half days with no sleep with just 10 minutes prior to weigh ins! I looked like hell! I didn't care. I made it! I took a humble 3rd in the heavyweight class and knew it wasn't bad considering all the hardships I went threw to make it to that show.

After teen nationals I made a move from Florida to Virginia where I contracted Lyme's disease and was unable to train at my normal heavy standards. After contracting Lyme's decease I went from a full lean 255 lbs down to 210 lbs. striving to get back to where I was and determined to be bigger and better then ever I made a move back to Florida. As soon as I was done with my medications and my body had rid itself of the disease it was back to square one more determined then ever I started training back at full swing. With in 3 months I was back to 245lbs. At this point John from had contacted me interested in a photoshoot. I knew this would be a good chance to help promote myself as both a bodybuilder and physique model, so, I decided to do it.

With my mind made up it was time to start dieting again! At this point I had around 30 days to cut down. John suggested I cut down to maybe 225lbs for an off season shoot. That wasn't going to work for me. My mindset is if your going to do it give it 110% or do not do it at all. Thus, I made drastic changes to my diet and pulled off 47pounds in just under 30 days for our photoshoot! I came to the photo shoot at around 200-205lbs. My only regret is I wish I had maybe two more weeks to prime my conditioning, but, hey you got to work with what time you have and just give it your best! Now that I have done this shoot its back to grind and I'm looking, working, and striving towards a bigger and brighter future. If you really want something out of life you can find a way to make it happen. For those who want it bad enough, you will find your way. My best wishes to achieve all your dreams in life.

Working with was a real pleasure. John Mitchell does high quality work with one on one professionalism. I would suggest him to anyone pursuing a modeling career. He takes high quality photographs that make a great addition to any portfolio. He will treat you with respect and help you look your best!

Competition History
2000 NBL Fl State BMX champion 1st
2001 NBL USA Champion 1st
2005 NPC hurricane Bay 1st
2006 NPC Central Fl 1st
2006 NPC Teen Nationals 3rd

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