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Birthdate: November, 1987
Height: 5 10
Weight: 175 to 185

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My name is Alexandre M. Carneiro, I am a college student majoring in the field of Sports and Exercise Science. I was born in Brasilia-Brazil; however I was mainly brought up in Rome and Santiago de Chile for most part of my life. I traveled almost the entire world and have lived between various different cultures. Currently I am living in Colorado. I am a bodybuilder/ fitness model and have been involved in this field for the past two and a half years now. In general if I had to describe myself, I would say I am a laid back person, very optimistic and like to think very few things could really truly upset me in this life. Last year I did my first competition and obtained third place in the NPC Rocky Mountain Natural Teen division. Training isn't just a hobby or something I do, it's my lifestyle and I simply adore it. I am always interested in learning new training methods and techniques. My future intentions would be; after graduating to pursue a Graduate in the field of Physical Therapy. I also want to help others with their personal fitness goals, so soon I will want to obtain my Personal Training certification in order to do so.

I began lifting and understanding the mechanics of the body during my junior year of High School, the more I read the more I wanted to know about how to make myself bigger. Throughout High School I was involved in playing volleyball; however I realized that if I wanted to truly get stronger and bigger I would need to dedicate full time to training. Currently I am a junior at the University of Northern Colorado and it's been three serious years of lifting since then. I know that if I continue the effort and discipline of doing what I am doing now I will someday have my name out there. Bodybuilding for me like I mentioned is a lifestyle, not only do I love it because you have to truly work for the body you want and no one can do it without discipline, but also because I like being unique and having a body that many want and can't achieve without true work makes me feel great. It has also built much of who I am today, it taught me a lot about discipline, dedication and never giving up. I truly believe in the phrase "No Pain, No gain". I like the thought that someone has to work for their wanted physique and it's not something many can do in this world. That makes bodybuilders unique in their own way.

My philosophy in life is you need to do what makes you happy. I have only been a couple of years bodybuilding, but it has made a lot of who I am and the people I am surrounded by. My close friends are also bodybuilders and they understand what it's like living this type of life. Sometimes it is not easy. Never ever would I allow people who did not understand what was going in my head let affect me, because those are usually the people who are either jealous or don't have the capacity to dedicate to something. It's the people I usually try and ignore.

My guideline for training is the following. I train between 5 to 6 times per week depending on how my school class schedule looks. I don't have a specific guideline of which muscles I work on specific days because every three or four months I change it to keep the body from getting adapted to the workload. In general my nutrition consists mainly of a high-protein diet with medium carbohydrate intake and good fats source. Yes, the typical nutritional guideline you would read in most magazines; but hey it works for me as well. I increase my workload slowly and try to hit every muscle once a week.

To conclude, I have just a few things to say and recommend. Life this life to its fullest and don't ever let others affect your own state of mind. Be surrounded with people who are always looking at the positive side of things and are there to support you in good or bad. I finally just want to thank John for providing me for this opportunity, my parents who have always been there to support me with my life decisions and Katherine my gorgeous girlfriend whom I truly love and can't thank her enough for being with me during some hard times. -"A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."

My experience shooting with John was something I did not expect ever to happen, it was an absolute great experience. Sometimes it is hard to trust someone you don’t know much, but I can assure anyone that this experience with him and the other models I met along the weekend was a one time life opportunity I am glad I took. The other models and I bonded and become good friends, discussed about nutrition, training, supplementation and much more. It gave me not only the opportunity to obtain great pictures from John but to learn about new things in the fitness industry I myself did not know. I would recommend John to anyone who is serious about getting themselves involved with the fitness and bodybuilding industry. I also got the chance to wear a very comfortable new brand of clothing named "SteelStretch" and meet the owner himself; who was an amazing nice individual. Thanks John for a weekend I wont forget in my lifetime and thanks for the great images.

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