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Birthdate: July, 1974
Height: 6 Weight: 200

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JD - a.k.a. "The Wild Hunk"

Best Kept Secret: The original bad boy with a Big Heart...and a lot of Muscle

Aspire: To be More

Accolades: Business Entrepreneur, Model, Actor, Entertainer

Role Models: James Dean/Roger Staubach/Kiss/The Hulk/Spiderman

Personality: JD is a self-determined, goal-oriented go-getter. Once he sets his mind -watch out! His goals are set and he follows thru. JD is reliable, adventurous, fun -loving, genuine, what you see is what you get! His fearsome, strong willed demeanor draws you into his sphere. This is the Real Thing.

Hobbies: Motorcycle riding, skiing, swimming, entertaining, outdoors, business, Sports, family and friends. Golf, weight training, football, baseball, thrill seeker, rock climber, kayak/river rafting, mountain biker, doctor, maker of Gourmet Frozen Desserts…

Short Story: JD's mom said he came out wanting to ride a motorcycle. As soon as he could walk and talk their weekly excursion was to the local Honda motorcycle dealer where the salesman would let him sit on one of the floor models. His mom promised the 2-year-old that when he was 11 she would buy him a bike (thinking that by that time he would be over his wish), well that didn't happen. JD got his first motorcycle at 11 and thus his 1st dream came true. Mediocrity has never been JD's forte. When The Michael Jordan sneakers became popular in the mid-80's he wanted his parents to buy him a pair like all the other kids. His parents said they would be paying ½ the cost for his sneakers and that if he wanted the Jordan's he would have to earn the half himself. Thus began his first foray into the business world. Along with his best friend, at 11 years, old he started his own landscaping business with the neighbors and continued to cut their lawns until the day he left for College. The best story among many that could be used to back up JD's genuineness is the one that his school nurse shared with JD's mom one day. She said besides the obvious, that JD is handsome and well liked by both the students and teachers; I have to tell you what a kind soul he is. One day her class was being released and all the kids got up and were busy trying to get to the door first. Without much consideration for each other or for the handicapped student in the wheelchair who was obviously having a hard time, she said JD was the only one that noticed and took the time to help her and wheeled her around (as if she were a motorcycle of course) and out the door and down the hall! She was smiling and so was JD as they flew down the hall in a wave of laughter and smiles. His sense of timing is superb, and through the ups and downs of growing up-he has learned what's important-and where he wants to go. JD's "My Way" attitude permeates his growing into a personality which has always been there-but wasn't quite there physically and mentally. The time has come and JD is ready to take charge-full steam ahead.

Team JD had a successful shoot with John Mitchell. From the first time speaking with John, he was professional and well prepared. He came with schedule from the time we arrived in CT to the time we left, and we were right on time. The day spent with John was worth every minute and bit of energy. Not only did we capture some great images, but John shared knowledge of the industry with us that were very valuable. John Mitchell is a good person and photographer. We look forward to the next project we work together on.

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