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Birthdate: July, 1981
Height: 5 8 Weight: 166 to 172

Hello everyone my name is Jud Dean and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I guess it makes the most sense to start this at the beginning of my weight lifting experience so here goes. I started working out seriously as a Jr. in high school and quickly fell in love with the iron game. I would get up and be at school at 6:00AM so that I could work out with my strength coach an Ex Navy Seal. He taught me all of the basics and I thank him for my foundation in fitness. It was at these early morning sessions that I learned basic movements and the importance of good form and dedication. I started working out with the goal of gaining size and strength for football. When I started out lifting weights I was 147lbs and 5'8". When I left to go play football at the Naval Academy Prep I was 178lbs. By my sophomore year at the United States Coast Guard Academy where I played tailback I was still 5'8" but 196lbs.

My goals in the weight room have changed since my early years of lifting. Since I have hung up the spikes and moved on to other things. My workouts are unlike any workouts you will come across in your local gym. I do enormous supersets. Most people superset two exercises together. I will do five sometimes six exercises for one body part in a row. My reps are also very high usually around twenty. I will go through this enormous cycle usually 3-5 times with little rest between sets. The reasons I train like this is because it is more functional and burns many more calories. I also run and swim at least a few times a week to stay in good cardiovascular shape. All too often you see people in the gyms training biceps, chest, and abs day in and day out. You have to be balanced and that is what my goal. I want a body that is perfectly symmetrical. I am still young and need to develop more muscle but just give me a few more years and I'll be turning heads.

As far as my diet I try to eat 5 meals a day. I keep each meal rather small and focus on eating clean foods. By that I mean foods that God made not man. I try to eat chicken, brown rice, yams, red meat, and wheat products. The key is to remember that the gym alone will not change the way you look, it is the life style change and a major part of that is diet.

When I am not studying or at the gym you will most likely find me at the beach. I love the ocean and everything about it. I grew up around the water and I am drawn toward it. I love surf as it is the ultimate place to think about life in general. In the gym I am always focused but out in the water you can just relax and reflect. In terms of letting my body rest in my down time I like to read. My favorite book is Wild at Heart. It is a great read and everyone weather you are religious or not can learn from it.

I just graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA so please don't think I am just another meathead with a good smile. Bodybuilding and fitness have taught me so much. I carry that goal of symmetry into life as well. You have to be a well rounded person. Balance is the key to a fruitful life. My goal is to be the total package and to do this I feel I must be solid physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thank you for your time I hope you enjoy the photos and remember it was about 19 degree wind chills outside when Mr. Mitchell and I did these.

Now that I have mentioned the mans name that made all of this possible I just want to spend a moment to thank him. Mr. Mitchell can seem a little forward and has had past experiences when he said guys got turned off by him always calling or emailing. He only does this because he is so enthusiastic about getting great photos and helping out up and coming models. I would like to thank him for a wonderful weekend and being such a gracious host. I woke up to eggs and oatmeal, and after a long day of work was served fish and rice. He even flew down to Delaware and spent two days with me doing a shots with me and a young lady that goes to school her also (Sarah). We had a great shoot. We found some unique locations around the University and he used his ability to get some great shots of me alone and some of me with Sarah. He did everything he could to make me feel comfortable and confident throughout the shoot. If you are thinking about doing a photo shoot with Mr. Mitchell, and are sitting on the fence I can tell you that he will break his back trying to make you happy while you are doing the shoot. He is going to push you hard and make you do things you did not think you could do, but in the end he is a professional, take his advice and he will make you the best you can be. I thank you Mr. Mitchell and look forward to working with you in the future.

God Bless
Jud Dean

I would like to thank High Energy The Gym (302-737-3002) for allowing us to use their gym for some of the shots during our May photoshoot. It is my gym when I am at school and without great equipment and a great environment to lift in I would not be as successful as I am. Thank you for your time I hope you enjoy the photos and remember it was about 19 degree wind chills outside when Mr. Mitchell and I did these. What a difference it was in weather when Mr. Mitchell did a follow-up photoshoot with me me in Delaware where it was sunny and 80 degrees!

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