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Birthdate: July, 1977
Height: 6  Weight: 170

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I grew up in a town in Pennsylvania called Scranton. Populated with a majority of elderly folks. I was raised by two great parents and come from a family of five. Being a child with two brothers life was always exciting and interesting. We were raised being taught family was one of the most important aspects of life. I played sports from a young age and was taught competing for being number one is important. I played various sports including: Baseball, Tennis, Swimming, Golf, Track, and Including Boxing. I was always very active and stayed in great shape. Being so active with these sports also kept me in great shape so maintaining my great fitness came rather easy.

As I got older and started to attend college I didn’t get as many chances to continue with all the sports I wanted to, but I found a new hobby it was weight lifting and bodybuilding. With this new interest came many different changes in my body and diet. At age 18 the gym became a big part of my life. I was working out an hour and a half a day at least six days a week. I started training every body part as hard as I could. My diet included High protein moderate carbohydrates and healthy amount of supplements.

As the years went on I developed and sculpted what I am proud of today 170 pounds of lean muscle. I concentrate on my mid section as being my main focal point. I personally think great abs is the core strength to your whole body. The key for getting shredded abs for me was proper diet along with a great intense abs work out.

Now I got the great opportunity to work with John and a few of his Models and I am extremely lucky and excited to have had the chance too. I personally think John is very professional and knowledgeable to work with. I would recommend any one if they have the change to work with him that they do. I truly look forward to doing as much work as I possibly can with John.

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