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The Different Images of Adam
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It is about the
the desire to be better
and to enjoy more.

A ship is safe in the harbor.
But that's not what ships were made for.

Working hard will not bring success;
Working smart will.
Just because you are doing something
doesn't mean you are
getting anything done.


There is no satisfaction in doing
merely what anyone else can do.

Colgate University '99
Mathematical Economics
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I live and work in
New York City

 Bodybuilding is not a sport but an art.
It involves the sculpting of the body
to produce an aesthetically pleasing
and symmetrical "masterpiece".

It is not an accomplishment
which can be completed,
but a continuous process
which renews itself each day.

Listen Thoroughly

Observe Quietly
Think Logically

Speak Confidently
Act Gracefully

Be Resourceful
Be Respectful

Lastly, Chill Out

I run businesses in
Web Development
& Lights & Batteries

All that's necessary
is to think logically
and have an intense desire.


is about making
lots of mistakes

But not making the
same mistake
more than


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