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Date of Birth: April, 1983
Height: 5 7    Weight: 178

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I am from the East coast now living the dream in Southern California. I have always been dedicated on building the now in order to better my future. Since the age of 15 I have been committed to health and fitness. Doing my first bodybuilding show when I was 16 has enabled me to see the benefits of diet on the body alongside a good weight training program. My fascination for nutrition carried me to the university of Rhode Island nutrition program where I graduated with a Dietetic degree. Maintaining my bodybuilding career through all four of my college years allowed me to make friends with many accomplished people in the fitness industry.

When I graduated college I chose to make the leap to California with a dream to bring the passion for helping others with health and fitness as much as it had changed my life. I have worked very hard to get to where I am today. Leaving the norm of CT opened up my eyes to a whole new world of competition, appreciation for health and fitness and a chance to be in the magazines. Since my move I have worked with many great photographers and appeared in a few fitness ads as well as my first published magazine (Jan. issue of exercise for men). My dedication to fitness and the health of others has opened up a door for me with Maximum Human Performance Company. I am grateful for my past and always look forward to my future.

People come into and out of your life for a reason. It is up to me to get the best out of every opportunity; such as working with photographers like John Mitchell. The chance to work with John was a great experience. He is very professional with a good eye. I never felt like I wanted the shoot to just end already. He took my ideas into consideration and planned a great area for our shoot. The time of the shoot was not a whole drawn out process. John has gotten down the time and care for his clients. He is a dedicated person from the East coast to say the least. I look forward to shooting with him in the future.

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