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Birthdate: June, 1967
Height: 5 8 1/2, Weight: 193
Chest: 46, Arms: 17
Waist: 31, Quads: 25

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Hi my name is Andrew and I am into Fitness Bodybuilding as well as fitness Modeling. I'm from New York City But originally born in Jamaica.

My work out consists of a four-day routine, which could vary from a two, and half work out to an hour. I use primarily lots of dumbbell cause I fine that it help shape the muscle a little better. I try to work with moderate to Heavy weight. My diet consist of Grill or Bake Chicken or Fish, I'm also a big fan of red meet as well, to get me protein. My carb intake is pretty moderate and a good source is any where for eating pasta/rice and potatoes

I currently work as a service engineer and sometimes personal train people as well a Professional entertainer as well. Some of my Hobbies are traveling and going out to the movies, I also love to build various Model Helicopters in my spare time.

Working with John was a New experience to me because I've never work with someone on the level before. He is very friendly easy going, know what he want and seem driven as well. He seems to be a well-rounded kind of guy and have always has a great idea of setting to work with. Over all He is great to work and his Professional skill is not to be discounted either. Anyone in the field of Bodybuilding/modeling/etc would love to work with him.

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