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Duane Levandowski

age 25
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weight 150

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I started training about 6 years ago to get in shape for the rigorous adventures I was about to face in the United States Army. Little did I know the positive effect that physical training would have in my life. In no time at all not only did I feel better about myself and have more energy but also I took on a whole new meaning of discipline, and I was not even in the Army yet. I began to change for the better. I was more organized, and motivated to do good things everyday. I had taken on a positive attitude that has stuck with me ever since and has made me successful. Sure there have been times in those 6 years that I have had a negative attitude, but when I take a close look at the time frame, it has always been when I stopped training or missed training for one reason or another.

When I finally joined the Army, being in shape paid off. I held the PT (physical training) plaque for highest score on the PT test the whole time I was in basic training. I was able to make it through airborne school, which includes jumping out of planes and carrying out missions that required the unit as well as myself to be in top physical condition. I went on to Ranger training for a short time and was eventually stationed at Fort Bragg N.C. in the 82nd Airborne Division. From there I went on to a recon unit in an infantry battalion. All of these things required the most physically fit soldiers and I would not have come close to any of those units if I had never started training.

Another benefit training has had on me personally is that my leadership skills have evolved immensely. One of the things I was put in charge of was the PT program for the entire unit because of my extensive knowledge and dedication to staying at a level of fitness that exceeded the standard of both the Army and each of the specialty units I served in. I also took on boxing for a couple of years while I was in the Army. That is something that you have to be in top shape to be successful at.

I moved on after my term of service was up and now I train people for a living and love every minute of it. I get to play a role in changing the quality of people's lives one day at a time.

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