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Birthdate: July,1972
Height: 5´8"   Weight: 209 lbs
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My name is Ilario Rongioletti and I was born 7th August 1972 in Trier, Germany. My father is Italian and my mother German. We work together in family with selling Ice cream and coffee two stores we have in Trier. I played very good soccer in the defense for many many years. In 1993 I visit a gym for the first time.

I began with train for 2-3 times a week during my soccer train. After 5 years, I got to heavy for playing soccer and I had to decide what to do now. My friends told me, that am good looking in shape, and so I let soccer and started to train my muscles for 5 times a week and did my first competition. In 2001 I won first place on NABBA Germany with 177 lb and third place at the World Championships. In 2003 I won the NABBA German Championship again and did first place on World Champion at Super body over 30 with 190 lb. Now am modeling for Sport Magazines too.

On 12th June, I visited John Mitchell to work with him. I knew him as a very nice person and fantastic photographer! I liked to work with him because he has great ideas for nice shoots. I hope to visit him again and do another great job with him!

Thanks John for great time!

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