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I am a 36 year old bodybuilder originally from Canada. I have been living in Southern California for 10 years now. I have been working out intensely the past 6 years with my goal to compete in a local contest my driving motivation.

I never had any one take professional fitness/physique photos before I met BBPICS (John) in LA this summer. It was by chance that this photo shoot occurred. Another one of his clients cancelled and he gave me John's hotel number to contact. And the rest is history as they say...

Besides my passion for bodybuilding I have many other diverse interests such as: cooking ( I am a local chef specializing in pastries), traveling and variety of music.

For those of you who may be interested here is my routine and diet. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

I work out usually 5 or 6 times a week. On Monday I train my chest using heavy dumbbells for mass with flat and incline bench presses and dumbbell flies which usually rotated between the flat and incline bench flies. I use cables for definition. Also do calves on Monday starting with standing calf raises and ending with seated calf raises which help to develop the lower calf area.

Tuesday I train my biceps/triceps and forearms. I also do cardio work using the treadmill. For bicep exercises I do wide end and close grip concentration curls, preacher bench and hammer curls. For triceps I do dips, the triceps pull down, seated triceps press and lying triceps extensions.

Wednesday is leg day. My workout with a personal trainer has helped me add size and definition to my legs. The trainer has me start with wide leg presses. This works the lower part of the glutes. Leg extensions works the quads and defines and shapes the front of the thigh. I do squats using free weights and the smith machine. Squats develops mass and power in the thighs and the glutes. Finish off my leg routine with lunges. This leg routine is reversed every week.

On Thursday I work shoulders and hamstrings. For mass I do behind the neck shoulder presses. Military press puts separation between the chest and the shoulders. I do other such movements for my shoulder development such as dumbbell shrugs, bent over cable laterals, seated bent over dumbbell laterals and end with push press which develops additional deltoid strength. For my traps I do shoulder shrugs with dumbbells and behind the neck pulldowns with cables. For hamstrings I start off with leg curls to help development of bigger leg biceps, standing leg curls for overall hamstring development and standing leg dead lifts which helps to stretch the leg biceps.

Friday is back day. Back lat pulldowns, lat pull ups, seated lat pulldowns and cable rows are my basic movements. I also do one arm dumbbell rows to isolate each side of the back. Close or medium grip pull downs helps widen the lower lats. John took some nice shots of me at Venice doing pull ups.

I generally work abs every 2nd day with roman chair sit-ups, incline board sit-ups, hanging leg raises for the lower abs and bent knee hanging leg raises. This is the hardest part of my body to develop. I believe that diet, hard work and good genetics has a lot to do with developing washboard 6-pk abs.

This is the diet that I have been following. This diet along with the above workout regiment has served me well. If you have specific questions on my routine or diet please feel free to email me.

I eat approximately 2,500 calories a day , eating 5 times during the day. In the morning I eat oatmeal, fruit and a protein shake, during mid morning and noon I eat egg whites, tortilla , turkey, chicken breast, brown rice, salad, baked potato, protein shake. Around 3pm I eat a protein bar. For dinner I eat roast beef, fish, vegetables and during the evening it is another protein shake. I also take a variety of supplements along with this diet. On occasion I just go out and enjoy some pizza, hamburgers and fries topped off with a hot fudge sundae.

Just want to thank John on his professionalism and these excellent photos you see in my portfolio. There are so many good shots. It was hard to decide which ones to use. I didn't know what to expect since this was my first time doing a photo shoot. He contacted me and told me what clothes to bring and what type of shots we will be doing. John made me feel most comfortable and although it was a long day I can highly recommend him to young/established bodybuilders and other male fitness physique individuals out there looking to get some professional shots done.

I plan on doing future photo shoots with John. You can follow my progress and development as I prepare myself for my first contest.

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