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Birthdate: April, 1981
Height: 5 7
Weight: 161 to 185

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My life began in the exciting Island of St. Lucia. Although others think of it as an exotic vacation spot, for me, it was a wonderful place to grow up, but completely normal. My parents worked very hard in the tourism industry so that we could afford our own home, and I was blessed to be raised by my own parents and a huge extended family as well. Although I do remember well that I could never seem to get away with the smallest misbehavior; from trying to sneak an extra candy to trying to hide from my folks, there was always at least one pair of eyes keeping track of me and keeping me, mostly, out of trouble.

By the time I started school, and all throughout elementary and high school, I knew I wanted to play football. My father practiced with me almost every day and my friends and I started pick-up games at every opportunity. I had to be constantly scolded to do my homework, which wasn't too hard, but more boring than anything, for what I really loved was to be outside and active. It didn't surprise me that I ended up playing on the high school team, although I was more nervous than I like to admit at the thought I might not make it.

High school football was not my only passion. I was fortunate to have an excellent math teacher, and began to develop confidence in my mental as well as physical skills. It was my introduction to math that helped me begin to make sense of the physical fitness tools I needed to take my physique to the next level. I learned how to break down caloric intake, what ratios were involved in training with different equipment, and many other concepts that fueled my interest in physical fitness.

I must thank my good friend John who was gracious enough to work with me. I really enjoyed the meals we shared, and all of the excellent information and advice he provided to me. I was very impressed by his knowledge, professionalism, and looking forward to more shots.

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