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Age 40, 5' 9" 170 #s
44 chest 16.5 arms 29 waist
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You are reading about a life-long native Southern Californian guy here. I like to travel to other cities in the United States, but I'm always glad when I'm back in my own state. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

I've known John for many years now. We met few years ago on his trip to LA. I was impressed by his work and wanted some beach type shots done in direct sunlight. Unfortunately the weather and my schedule did not cooperate. I did enjoy meeting with him and going over his portfolio he brought to show me.

I have followed his work thru his website and had specific ideas to what type of shots I wanted him to take. The weather was perfect , we had an ideal back drop to work against, and I am glad I waited and got the chance to work with him. He is very professional and he has certainly improved in his photography. Check out the shots from my shoot on my website. I can recommend him to anyone looking for fitness/physique shots.

I have been a photographer and modeled many years ago. I was asked to do some fitness modeling for a bathing suit line. I'm glad I did it and enjoyed the resulting publicity of ads that occurred for the line in various magazines, but, afterwards found out that modeling was just not "it" for me. I felt that I didn't have the proper "model personality" nor patience for this type of business.

I work out 5x a week and I am most fortunate because of my fast metabolism that I do not have to do any cardio work. My workouts vary week to week and I train 1 or 2 body parts per day doing all lifting type exercises. I eat as much as I want any time I want to, but, do try to cut back on most starches. Peanut butter cups ROCK! I am happy about adding 10#s of muscle to my physique since I met with John a few years ago, but would still like to add more size to my legs.

I enjoy music- playing the violin, keyboards and singing and having good intelligent conversations with my friends. I have played the violin since I was 13 and got really good at it, even concert level. I left it after I learned that I loved to sing rock music. After many years of singing and thrashing my voice I have recently opted for a more folksy pop style.

I have been self employed most of my life in the music production business. I am a MAC fanatic. Sorry Bill Gates! I own a MAC G3. Right now I am working on a recording/performing group, called "Stone Sparrow", a folk/pop group. Check them out at

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