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Date of Birth: June, 1983
Height: 5 7   Weight: 180, contest 175

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My name is Manny; I am a fitness/bodybuilder currently residing in Odessa,TX. I am 5'7'' 180lbs. I began working out when I was 19 after high school. Once I apply myself to something I become very focus and dedicated.
Working out and eating healthy as become second nature to me eating about 6 times a day with high protein and medium fat and a very low carb intake during the week, and have my cheat meals on weekends.

As for my career I won the 2008 west Texas classic and qualified for nationals. On modeling I am currently new to this business which john has been very helpful on building my portfolio. Also I am currently going to college which makes it another challenge to manage a fulltime work, workouts, and school.

As for my personality I am a really easy going guy and a very good learner. I been told by John Mitchell that I am a really good kid and believe to pursue a career as a fitness model you have to be very easy going and friendly.

I intend to continue my journey to success. I have obtained all that I wanted in the past. I do not let anyone or anything put my head down. Every experience I encounter I use it as a learning adventure.

Working with John Mitchell was a wonderful experience. John came and contacted me as soon as possible and showed me that he was serious. I showed him that same seriousness in return in the conditioning of my physique and my strong work ethic. He was very professional in his own way. John also had many good ideas for posses which help me a lot. As well as doing fitness photographs, we also did some fashion and bodybuilding photos. John is a good photographer to get any fitness model's portfolio upgraded to the next level.

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