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Michael Elgawly

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Birthdate: June, 1976
Height: 5 7 Weight: 176 to 200

Chest: 47.25 Arms: 19
Waist: 32 Quads: 26
Calves: 17

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My name is Michael Elgawly and I was born in Cairo, Egypt, I'm of Coptic descent, I arrived in the states on July 17th 1987, lived in Staten Island, New York .In my junior year of high school I took an interest in body building, I started to compete in the teenage class eventually taking 1st place and winning my class. I moved to Florida where I currently reside took my body building a little further and started to compete in bigger shows, took 3rd middleweight class in the 2000 Tampa Bay Classic, again I took 3rd middleweight class in the hurricane bay 2005. I wanted to take it a step higher and competed in the southeastern USA, a level 5 national qualifier, where I took 2nd place qualifying me to compete in the nationals. So I did. On May 17th 2008 I competed in the NPC JR.USA taking 1st place in middleweight men. It was a great feeling and good accomplishment. Currently I'm training for the Nationals, going for my PRO card, with God’s help, family and friends support, I hope to make it.

Being involved in weight training I have met all different kinds of people, eventually meeting a very good friend, who became a fitness model and is very good at it, he got me involved in taking several photo shoots for training and fitness, I met "the great John Mitchell" a very talented and gifted photographer. John is a unique individual, great personality and sense of humor, I found it to be very easy to work with him, he made me feel very comfortable in front of a camera, and I was used to being on stage. I'm very glad to have met and worked with john and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

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