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Birthdate: July, 1978
Height: 5 9
Weight: 260 current, 250 to 310

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I was born and raised in Lithuania living with my parents and older brother. I learned how to work hard from my father who I always helped out in his auto body shop. I worked with him and realized that this is not the life that I wanted for myself. As a child watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movies, made me be fascinated with the idea of becoming a bodybuilder.

At 14 years old I was introduced to "the gym", which I made in my attic above the garage. At age 18, I started going to a real gym, which now I would call "my home". At age 19, I entered my first bodybuilding contest, the Lithuanian Championships in which I took 5th place. From there on out, I knew that this was something I wanted to do.

I was always a strong guy, so I also decided to compete in power lifting. At the age of twenty I entered a bench press contest, in which I benched 405 lbs. I turned 21 I had the opportunity to come to the States and I took it.

I came to Connecticut, where I continued to work out. I took a break from competing, so I could build a better physique. In 2005, I started to compete in Strongman competitions in New England. Things were going well, however in end of 2006 I decided this is not want I want to do, and I went back to bodybuilding, my true passion. In my first shows I got qualified for the nationals. However, I could not go compete on a national level because I was not a US citizen.

The USA Bodybuilding Championships in 2008 was my first time on a national level stage, were I finished 7th from 28 guys in the super heavy weight division. In 5 weeks I decided to do the North Americans in Ohio and I placed 6th. Competing in these shows was a good experience. Now I plan to compete in 2009, with a better package and conditioning.

I worked with John Mitchell from BBPICS prior to my competitions. Working with John was great. Very easy to work with and made sure that my physique showed well on the photos. Very professional man, who takes his work seriously. I would recommend him to anybody who needs some fitness/bodybuilding photo shots. I will be working in the future with him.

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