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birthdate: March, 1980
height: 5' 9", weight: 165

My name is Zach Chitwood. I'm a 22-year-old pursing one of my passions, modeling and fitness. It all started at the age of four. I started pitching to my Dad in the front yard of our house. When I was five, I was MVP of my soccer team. When I was nine, my father and I drew a plate in the street and I would pitch to him everyday till dark. From the age of 10 to 16, I would head to the driveway to shoot baskets till dark. When I got to high school, I became all conference basketball, went to state in track, and got a college basketball scholarship. I just want everyone to know this doesn't happen overnight. My passion, desire, determination, and extreme drive, started so long ago. Growing up was rough for me. I was always getting judged. People assumed I thought I was just this cocky kid who could play sports. I was an athlete, I still am an athlete. Athletes have a drive, motivation, and normally don't stop till they get what they want. I don't know how we develop this quality, maybe its genetics, I don't know. I want to tell you how being an athlete, doesn't mean you don't have personality.

I'm a part time student at SMSU in Springfield, MO. I played one year of college basketball at Lindenwood University. I moved back home my 2nd year of college and that is when it all started, "BODYBUILDING". I've always been one of those guys who put his heart and soul into almost everything. I don't believe in quitting or giving up. I'm too motivated. My goal was to achieve a look of a man in a fitness magazine. I was 19, young and on a mission. I started reading muscle magazines, drinking protein shakes, talking about working out, and looking at many bodybuilders who had abs. I was always amazed by abs. I wanted them. I wanted them so bad. I rarely saw people with very lean abs. I knew if I could achieve them that would be a great start. I remember that day, I told myself, I'm not a big man; I never will be. I heard about drugs and steroids. Drugs never crossed my mind. I knew for me to develop my body to where people would say, "What do you eat, and what are you taking," would take years. I realized like everything else you have to pay your dues. Bodybuilding to me was about beauty and extreme muscle separation. I didn't want to be one of the regulars saying it's "off season I'll eat what I want I'm getting big." Overeating to me was easy. Anybody can over eat and gain fat and muscle .I just wanted to develop a very lean body with little fat. Still, I was young, so I thought if I worked out 2 hours a day I would get big muscles. With a metabolism like mine, I only got leaner and smaller. One year of training so hard and only minimal results. The body I wanted would consist of extreme hard work, dedication, knowledge, discipline, and training till extreme failure.

I realized from the get go I would never be huge. I've always been a little man. My father weighs 141 pounds at 5'7. I was 19, 5'9 and weighing 148 at around 8% body fat. People would always tease me, call me small, and (chicken legs) I really hated that one. Then I realized that once I got the knowledge of the body, I started working my legs and doing power workouts that consisted of squats, pull ups, dead lifts, heavy bench, and straight bar curls. This is when I got all my size and put on some good muscle. I can't do dead lifts any more because I have a fractured back. I have had a fractured back for a little over 3 years. As you can see, all my progress so far has been pretty painful. I have come so far with my extreme dedication and hard work ethic; I'm not going to let my back get in the way of my dreams. I use my pain as motivation. I guess when you look at my pictures my back looks ok, but I want you to know that this is something most people thought I couldn't accomplish with my back fractured. I guess I'm just trying to prove them wrong. I just want to be an inspiration for people. I want people to see if you believe, you can achieve. I want my image to get out so I can spread my knowledge on bodybuilding and nutrition. I have a certification through ISSA in Performance Nutrition. I produce the image I do only for people to realize you can achieve the body you want. I don't expect everyone to walk around with hard bodies. I just want them to see they can feel better mentally and physically through bodybuilding. That you will become more productive in life. You will hear people say, "I don't have the genetics or metabolism to do that." I want everyone to know, it's all about being disciplined and consistent. Those two words will make or break your progress. If you want something bad enough, you go get it. What is stopping you?

I've lost many friends along the way. I've lost many girls along the way. I've been judged and criticized along the way. I hear the word steroids all the time, "oh he is on um" and this and that. Bodybuilding comes from the heart. Once you get as deep as I have, you will realize what food does to your body. I have a quote I live by, "Once you develop that look, you will be a different person." You can take that as a cocky quote, but it's really about you developing confidence. I'm intrigued by food and what it does to you. I didn't develop a lean body because I'm lacking a mind. It's all a state of mind. There is just something inside from the heart that tells me to continue my journey. It's not an ego thing. It's about passion for pushing yourself to the extreme. Most people ask why? I then ask them, what do you want in life? Most people hesitate; come to a state of confusion. My answer, I tell them my mother raised me right. I know what life is about. My answer is love and happiness. Love makes you feel good.

Be kind hearted, don't assume because I have abs I don't cry during movies. Don't assume because I have abs I'm not a sensitive man, that I'm cold-hearted or I think I'm better than the next man. It's not about that. We will all be judged one day. Only God can judge me. I just want people to realize how bodybuilding can make you feel better inside and out. When you strengthen your body and soul, you become confident. You believe, become motivated, and productive. I still lift very hard. I push my body all the time. I have pushed myself hard for the last 18 years. The reason is, it makes me feel good. I thank the Lord for all he has given me. I'm very thankful. I thank my Mother and Father for their inspiration. I just want to say to all of you out their going to the gym. "You're there for a reason; find out why you do what you do." I do it because it makes me fell good.

You can contact me for tips or information. I've written many diets and one day if my image gets out, I will develop my cookbook. I want people to see there are tons of different foods you can eat to feel and look better. I will be trying to reach you soon. This is for the athletes out there. "Try to stay natural." I will preach being natural for the rest of my life. I achieve my look being natural. Remember, life is about happiness; you don't need drugs to achieve. Strengthen your mind; body and the rest will come in place. Before my grandmother died she always wondered what I would end up doing. My answer to her is making people feel better about themselves inside and out.

John is very passionate and willing to help anyone when it comes to modeling. He is very eager and open to your ideas and how you want to perceive yourself in your own images. John is eager to help you expand you portfolio. He doesn't make a living off your images so he really helps you out as a model. I highly recommend working with him. He will help you get the shoots you need for your portfolio or to advertise on his personal website. John is a good friend and I will be working with him very soon again. Thanks John, The shreeder.

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