Kristine Morris

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My name is Kristine Morris. I have been reading your magazine for 2 years. It has been my inspiration and driving force to my newfound joy! I am hoping to share my story of courage and dedication to regaining my Mind, Body and Spirit. I am hopeful to show women who are over 30 that it is never to late to follow their dreams.

On January 3, 1999 I gave birth to my third son, I found myself 36 pounds larger than ever before. During that year I was not concerned about loosing weight. I was nursing my baby and working fulltime, needless to say weight loss was the last thing from my mind. So I thought, I could not pass by a mirror without tears. On October 14, 1999, Konner was finished nursing and I decided it was time to shed the weight. I never had a weight problem before, so it was hard to figure out what was going to work for me. I met with a Doctor (LINDORA) and he put me on a very low calorie, low carbo diet. Keep in mind this diet is not for everyone. On November 22, 1999 (6 weeks) I lost 36 pounds and more than half my body fat. What an incredible joy it was to finally fit in that size 2 again! I realized I had more than a fit body; I wanted to compete with it!!!! My first competition was in May of 2001. I trained hard and wise for it.

Surprisingly I won!! That was all it took for me to keep going. Since this last year I have earned five titles and a back handspring! Plus you should see my kicks and splits. I get this question all the time, was I Gymnast's or a dancer before? The answer is no, I was a Soccer Player and an Artistic Skater. So women out there you can do Fitness, just find your personality and show it off!!

I am only 5'0 tall and I wow the judges every time! What a thrill it is getting out on a stage and sharing myself with the audience. I can only compare it too the first time swinging in swing. The higher you go the more exciting it is!!

The most amazing part is; my three beautiful boys, Christopher 12, Alex 5 and Konner 2. They get to experience a strong, happy mommy. My goal is to influence them of what women should be and not what society tells them. I am a role model for them and other women in my age group.

My soul has never been better and my mind never clearer. I have set new goals for this 35-year old mom! I am doing 3 major shows this year and one Marathon for Lung Cancer Association. I hope to be able to get my certifications and train others. I would also like to be a spokesperson for a Supplement Company.

John is the most intuitive and well-rounded artistic I have ever worked with. He see's the best in you and really focus on the personality of the client instead of the body. John I think your the Best of the Best. I am looking forward to the next photo shoot. Thanks John!!!!

Message from John:

I enjoyed doing these test shots with Kristine and Eric in Boston. I will be working with Kristine and others doing a more thorough diverse outdoor photoshoot in mid July in Cincinnati.

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