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Birthdate: October, 1978
Height: 6   Weight: 200 to 205

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Joe, how long have you been a personal trainer?

I started training people when I was 17 years old at Gold’s Gym In St. Petersburg Florida.  I’ve been studying training and fitness for over 10 years. I’m nationally certified as a personal trainer. I am very knowledgeable in body sculpting and reshaping as well as nutrition and supplement guidance.

How did you get interested in fitness and training?

I was born in 1978 and grew up in Sheboygan Wisconsin. I realized at a young age that I was a good athlete.  I participated in wrestling, football and hockey.  Beginning at age 10, I started wrestling and I was undefeated throughout middle school, high school and in college I began training with WCW super star Mach Man Randy Savage.   After college I stopped wrestling and moved into fitness modeling. I was always in very good shape as a wrestler - lean and muscular. I started lifting weights as a high school sophomore and put on 40 pounds of muscle in a year. I was a lot stronger than other wrestlers because of my weight training. That’s when I realized lifting weights and good nutrition could do tremendous things for your body. It started my inspiration for weight training and fitness. I kept gaining muscle all though high school and college.

Are you a part-time fitness model/ actor? Tell me about that.

Yes, I’m a fitness model as well as an independent personal trainer. I have been featured in several Fitness publications, 2 covers, talk shows and TV commercials.  I recently attended the New York Film Academy Acting program and the Bert Reynolds Acting Program.  I plan on making to move to California to pursue a career in acting.

Is your muscle all for show or do you have strength behind your appearance?

Strength comes before size. Appearance is important, but having strength behind that appearance makes you a successful fitness model.  It also set you apart from many other actors.

How strong are you?

I’ve benched over 400 pounds and have squatted around 450.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like watching movies. Besides fitness I like mountain biking, snowboarding, and driving fast cars and motorcycles. I like to hang out with friends and to go to the beach and catch some sun.

What program do you use for your personal training clients? Do you emphasize strength, cardio or dieting?

I train male and female clients. They are actors, models, business people and professionals - young and old. I design an individual workout program for each client, based on the client’s genetics and goals. I believe in resistance training, and combine it with cardio and diet, creating the perfect workout for each individual’s body type.

What about stretching?

You should stretch briefly before a workout. You should do more intense stretching after your workout, after the muscles are warm. If you don’t stretch, the muscles could tighten up. I believe in stretching every day.

What sets you apart as a personal trainer?

I have a lot of internal drive, mental discipline and motivation. When I train a client, I try to pass these things onto the client. I strive to spread healthy and fit lifestyles not only to clients but also to friends. I take great pride in transforming my clients, not only physically but also mentally. I specialize in body sculpting and reshaping - overall appearance and symmetry.

What do you love most about being a fitness model and personal trainer?

I love to travel, going to new places like San Monica and Venice Beach to do photo shoots.  I had the pleasure working with John Mitchell from, who is an amazing photographer and well known in the fitness industry as well as meeting other models from all over.  It always a pleasure to meet people with the same goals and see how they do things and a lot of time I learn a lot of new things.  As a personal trainer there’s nothing better than seeing one of your own clients change and reach their goals.  It’s a rewarding job with many benefits.




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