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Birthdate: July, 1974
Height: 5 6 Weight: 198 to 210
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Chest: 48.5 Arms: 18.5
Waist: 33.5 Quads: 25.5
Calves: 17

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San Pablo, California
Currently lives in:
Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A.
Personal trainer, fitness model and substitute teacher
Drawing, playing guitar, writing, hiking and just staying active!
Other interests:
Traveling, meeting new people and reading
Started training in:
Reason for starting training:
To compete in bodybuilding
Effects training has had on your life:
It has helped me create strength through all areas of my life!
Gym currently trains at:
24 Hour Fitness/ L.A. Fitness/ Club Z in So. Cal
Entered first competition in:
Subsequent competitions entered & placings:
1994 NPC Western Colorado - 2nd pl. open lightweight
1996 NPC Ironman - 3rd pl. open middleweight
1997 NPC Vancouver Natural Classic - 2nd open middleweight
1997 NPC West Coast Natural - 2nd open middleweight
1998 NPC Vancouver Natural Classic - 1st open middleweights and overall champ
2000 NPC Oregon State - 1st pl. open middleweights
2001 NPC Ironman/Iron maiden - 4th open light-heavyweights
2002 NPC Contra Costa - 2nd open light-heavyweights
2002 NPC Jr. Nationals - 7th open light-heavyweights
2003 NPC Jr. Nationals - 3rd open light-heavyweights
2004 NPC Nationals - 16th open Heavies
2005 NPC USA's - 11th open light-heavyweights
2006 NPC Orange County - 1st pl. open Heavyweights and overall
2006 NPC USA's - 9th open Heavyweights
2008 NPC USA's - 3rd open Light-heavyweights
Your best body part:
Your worst body part:
Upper body thickness in general, back, delts and arms
Short-term goals:
Win the USA's!
Long-term goals:
Have an awesome competitive team of clients and be a top 10 pro in bodybuilding!
Favorite exercise(s):
Squats and deadlifts
Least Favorite exercise(s):
Shoulder presses
Favorite way to relax:
To lay outside in the sun and to vege out on the couch in front of the TV
Favorite T.V. program:
Don't have one
Favorite film:
Too many to mention... but I did like Ghost Rider
Favorite actor(s):
Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford
Favorite actress(s):
Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Connelly, Cameron Diaz
Favorite music:
Techno, trance, hip hop and alternative
Favorite food:
Japanese and Mexican
Favorite treat food:
My Healthy Nachos
Diet plan:
I eat clean year round, I just try to make sure to eat more than enough "good" calories
Favorite recipe:
Health Nachos - low fat tortilla chips, lean ground beef, fat free cheese and fat free refried beans
Training program:
3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off
Hints/tips you would like to pass on:
Stay consistent and positive and you will see progress guaranteed! Never give up!
Advice you would like to offer to anyone beginning bodybuilding:
Try to keep everything you do accountable and keep a journal of your progress...and remember to try to set short and long term goals and accomplish them!
I had a great time shooting with John on our photo shoot. He took us "models" out on location and it was such a wonderful and uplifting experience. He's very professional and diligent about his work and his photography proves it!


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