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Birthdate: October, 1987
Height: 6 2  Weight: 195

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My name is Jon Micklow and I am a student at St. Petersburg College outside of Tampa, Florida. I was born and raised in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania. With the influence of my parents and hometown, I grew up being around sports & fitness at an earlier age.
I participated in Football, Baseball, and track in elementary throughout high-school. Me, like many other athletes, is a true competitor in not only sports sector but in all aspects of life. Growing up in large family with two other brothers and a sister made for a competitive environment itself. Whether it was a backyard football game, a track meet, or even a race to get the most food on the table, I always wanted to finish first. Also, being in competitive Sports at an early age pushed me to find ways to rise above my competition. I slowly gained an interest in weight training and overall physical fitness.
Seeing results in not only the gym, but on the field as well, gave me the competitive edge I was looking for. In 2006, I Moved from the Pittsburgh Area into sunny, Florida. I now reside in the Tampa Area.
Towards the end of my senior year in high school, I started to get noticed for my hard work in the gym. At 21, I was published in my first major fitness magazine For “Exercise For Men Only”.
I continue to do work in the Fitness Area and recently worked with BB Pics’s, very own John Mitchell. Unlike some photographers, John is very knowledgeable about fitness and takes excellent pictures. He is great to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone interested in fitness or bodybuilding area. 
I workout on average about five to six times a week. My diet is relatively strict. I try to eat a lot of lean foods, fruits & vegetables. However, I will causally have a cheat day. In my spare time, besides working out, I enjoy the outdoors, going out to the beach, fishing, & running. My favorite type of music is Rock.


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