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Birthdate: August, 1981
Height: 5 7   Weight: 155
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Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, I have been living in Ohio all my life.  I grew up playing sports and video games, both which I still do.  In High School, I played football and started both ways (RB and DB).  I also ran track, mainly a sprinter.  Even though I was heavily involved in sports, I was never much of a lifter.  I never used to spend a lot of time in the gym, only as much that was required by the coaches.

Keeping with the Ohio theme I went to college at the University of Cincinnati.  I received my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering.  I didn't play an college sports, but I did play my fair share of rec sports.  Soccer and flag football were my main games.  After graduating I was able to get a nice job.  A year after that, I went back to school and got my Masters degree in Engineering Management.  Now I continue to enjoy the daily grind of work and keeping myself in shape.  In the summer of 2006 I met a girl who I was lucky enough to make my fiancée.  I hear the sound of wedding bells as I help to plan our wedding in the summer of 2009.

And now to the part of my life that I have became very dedicated to, lifting and physical fitness.  I haven't been lifting long, but I am very determined to accomplish any goal that I can throw at myself.  I really started lifting in college and that is when the flame inside me began to burn.  My first modeling shoot came to me in the fall of 2004.  Since then, and ending with my recent shoot with John, I have had a total of 11 photoshoots.  Over the years and months, my workout routine has grown from working out 3 days a week to 6 days a week before this most recent shoot.  I am now totally dedicated to transforming my body into a muscle machine!  I have perfected the workout, the cardio and most importantly the diet.  It hasn't been an easy transformation, and it has taken many years.  Developing your body and transforming it into something you want, and meeting your goals take time.  It's not just something you can do in just a short spurt.  I have remained natural with just the minimal use of supplements.  It is something that I am going to keep doing and something that I am very proud to say I do.

Special Thanks to John,

I would like to thank John for taking the time to research me and keeping in contact with me..  I also want to thank him for trusting in me and giving me the opportunity to work with him.  He was very professional and remained that way throughout the entire shoot.  I was a little hesitant to work with another model while I was there, but John made great use of both of us and there was very little downtime.  He was able to get a lot of great shots of both of us individual and together.  He is very hospitable and made me feel very comfortable in an environment I was not familiar with.  I would definitely love to work with John again sometime.  Thanks John!
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