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Birthdate: January, 1979
Height: 5 10   Weight: 175 to 190
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Working out has been a big part of my life as far back as i can remember. I started lifting as soon as my father let me. He always told me it would stunt my growth for baseball. At 13 I begged my parents to play pop warner football. After begging and pleading they gave me the go ahead. I still remember weigh ins I was 108 pounds of skin and bones. I was always very skilled in sports but that age I never had the size. So my father, the baseball fanatic, was always saying you don’t need muscle to hit home runs, but I wanted muscle for myself. I started training in the basement of a post office in our town. Now this place was a man’s gym no woman aloud. Gyms aren’t like what they used to be. Those years were the ground work that paved the way to where I am now. Even though I stopped playing competitive sports I never stopped weight training. I train 6 days a week and do cardio three times a week. My competition is 175 and my off-season weight is 190. 
Competitive fitness Modeling would of never happened if it wasn’t for my beautiful amazing wife. I met her almost six years ago through a friend. I knew it was too good to be true when she stayed over the next morning she was making egg whites. Not too often do you find somebody who share the same aspirations in life such as health and fitness. She started competing 1 year ago and I would go and support her and cheer her on. Whenever I would go to these shows people would ask me if I competed. When I told them I didn’t compete they would act surprised. After months of thinking about it, and knowing the discipline that it takes to compete from watching my wife go through this rigorous diet, I said to myself why not, what do I have to lose. I started working with Cathy Savage’s Men’s program. My trainer Rob Knox, from New Jersey, has been training me for eight months, and has really dialed my body in to where it needs to be. I competed in my first show on April 26 2008 Fitness Atlantic with 17 male fitness models I took first and was hooked from there. I just competed in Miami Universe and placed 22nd out of 87.

Our day with John Mitchell was a pleasurable day. He is very passionate about his work, and it shows through his personality. We look forward to working with him again.
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