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Birthdate: April, 1982
Height: 5 11   Weight: 173 to 190
Email: jamesthanton

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My name is James Hanton. I'm a personal trainer in Overland Park, Kansas. I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. Illinois is where I graduated from the University of St. Francis in Joliet with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration. I then moved to Wichita, Kansas to play arena football for the Wichita Aviators and train for the NFL combine. Wichita is where I met my wife Amber where we decided to reside in Overland park Kansas as a family with our adorable little girl Alexandra.
With life challenges and struggles, I have changed my career a couple of times in the last 4 yrs, but went right back to my passion of Fitness. I don't just get up at 4am to train because I have to, but because I want to. Don't ever be surprised if you get a call from me that early telling you that I'm working harder while you sleep. Getting the competitive advantage. I tip my cap off to you if you are one that gets up and trains because they have something they want to accomplish, especially someone who has been told they can't do it. I love hearing about stuff like that, my motivation feeds off that. The life of a Personal Trainer is great. “Self Gratification.” I get to motivate and inspire people to look their best and it’s up to me to get them there. I don't like failure, so I don't fail. My work ethic is my strong point and I want people to learn from me like I learn from others. To be the best you can possibly be starts with surrounding yourself with positive people that have the same interests as you.
As far as my workouts go, I workout 5-6 days a week. I change my workouts every two weeks or so having muscle confusion and new workouts routines. Different splits for different goals. You have to be dedicated to whatever goals you choose and destroy them one by one. I feel it’s about being disciplined and making sacrifices for things you want in life and in the gym. Everyone’s goal is different, and you have to do what’s best for you and listen to your body. Intensity is key in my workouts. You either have it or you don't. You can't buy mine in stores. As far as music goes, SIMPLE. Rap, HIP/HOP, DANCE, anything with beats that gets the blood pumping. If you forget the iPod or it breaks, you grunt and hear your own voice of the beast to motivate yourself. Otherwise, I would be worried that I was just going through the motions and not lifting hard enough.
Throughout my life I have always been motivated by my competitiveness of someone else being more successful than me whether in looks, fitness, or career. At the end of the day, it’s the success that I create that keeps me pushing for things I want out of life. I will stay in great shape and have a fitness model physique. Bodybuilding might come in the near future, but fitness modeling is where I feel best suited at the moment. I live eat, sleep and breathe fitness. At some point you have to stop and just step outside the box and break the law as of dieting, but get back on track. It’s a lifestyle, not a chore. There are all types of ways to enjoy fitness, but you have to be open and willing to put in the work. You can't just meet the standards, you have to exceed them.
My experience with John Mitchell was a great one. He's a great guy and his personality is very outgoing. I'm hyper as it is and this guy was just as hyper and full of energy. One thing that I found important was communication. He is one that followed up with everything he said he would do and in the time he gave. He takes his career and hobby very seriously and if you are serious about doing modeling then John is your guy. He was very directive and coaches the proper ways to pose. He is also open minded to your thoughts and cares about your success as a model. I learned a lot from John and look forward with working with him again in the future. Thanks John. 
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