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Birthdate: February, 1980
Height: 6 1
Weight: 185

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I have worked with other photographers, and if I can say anything about John's approach, I would have to say it was very professional. I was quite pleased with John and found him to be very easy to work with. I was lucky to meet him at the photo shoot in La Jolla, CA. The location was amazing and there were so many different things to do, we basically ran out of sun or time before running out of ideas. I will definitely work with John again…

To describe myself in three words, I would have to say ambitious, determined and responsible. As of right now, I am a junior at UCSD in San Diego studying computer engineering. Luckily for me, I have both a passion and an aptitude for it. That passion developed during my four years in the United States Marine Corps. I have both good and bad memories of those four years, however, I definitely do not regret them. It helped me develop into the person I am today.

I have been exposed to weights since Jr High football; however I did not start to fully understand the development of my body until about two years ago when I became a certified personal trainer. Once I started understanding all of the components that go into body development, my body just took off. I train more in a circuit rather than longer resting periods because I am not really trying to get larger. Rather I am trying to stay lean year-round and make my muscles more compact and developed.

While school and working out are my main priorities, I have always dreamed of pursuing a career in the modeling/acting industry. With that in mind, I am always open to constructive criticism about the improvement of my body. Driven by success, I am constantly striving to perfect all aspects of my life.

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