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Birthdate: October, 1977
Height: 5 7   Weight: 148 to 180
Email: mrtek44
Business Site: N/A

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My name is Oscar Fajardo. I was born in Zambales, Philippines. I grew up in a single parent home. My father passed away in the same year I was conceived. Growing up in a poor country and not having a father figure was never easy. In 1990, my mom and two older siblings were fortunate enough to come to the great U S A with God's grace and my uncle's support. I was 13 years old. Ever since I can remember, I have always been out of shape and often made fun of for being skinny. I barely played or participated in any sports activities throughout middle school all the way up to my senior year. During my middle school years, I was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease, an inflammatory disease that may develop two to three weeks after a group of streptococcal infection such as strep throat or scarlet fever. I was given monthly injections of Longacting Penicillin for a period of 5 years and the continual daily use of low dose antibiotics for the next 6 years to prevent recurrence of infection and prophylaxis. I have been drug free since I turned 21 years old and also been extra careful not to get in contact with someone with a strep throat or scarlet fever.


In the year 2000 I met my wife, we got married 4 years later. I took her to the big

island of Hawaii for our honeymoon. With this particular trip along with my childhood condition, it really opened my eyes into getting in shape. Seeing fit and healthy people walking around the beach made me wonder how I could transform my body in top form. I picked up my very first fitness magazine in the airport on the way back and then joined Gold's Gym.  2004 marked my body transformation. In July 2007, I watched my very first bodybuilding show (the Old Dominion Open NASF) and from then on I had another goal in mind!


I entered my first competitive bodybuilding show a year later, July of 2008, with NASF Old Dominion Open Championships. I placed 2nd in the Men's Novice Class. Four months later I entered my second competition at the North American Challenge and placed 2nd in Men's Open with a tie break for first. Ever since then, fitness has been a big part in my everyday life.


In April 2009 I won the NASF North Carolina Open placing 1st in Men's Novice and 3rd in Men's Open. At this time, I learned about this awesome website called World Physique. It is a website for anyone in the fitness industry who lives a healthy lifestyle, desires inspiration, and knowledge in fitness. I was named Mr. May World Physique after winning the website's monthly contest. From there on, I managed to network with other people and found out about other bodybuilding organizations such as the NPC, FAME and Musclemania. In June 2009, I joined the NPC organization (National Physique Committee). Nothing was going to stop me, even knowing the fact that I'm competing against the sports biggest competitors. I weighed in at a whopping 151 lbs at 5'7 and competing in the light weight class. To my surprise, I won my division. In addition, I also received the award for having the best abdominal muscle, beating everyone in that show. I knew then that being big doesn't necessarily mean better. In July 2009 I entered another organization, Musclemania. This time I weighed in at 148 lbs 3 lbs. lighter than 3 weeks ago. I placed 2nd overall in the Men's Open light weight division. I am hoping to someday grace the FAME stage in months to come!


To me it all seems unreal, knowing that I started from such a scrawny-sickly little kid to a 31 years old bodybuilder and fitness model. Currently, I'm working as a MRI technologist at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, VA. I have a very supportive wife and two beautiful daughters. I hope to someday set example not only to my kids but also to others. I want to be a role model and be able to share my story and help encourage others to be the best that they can be! All I have to do is keep my faith in GOD and to follow whatever path he gives me along the way!

From the several photographers I've worked with, John Mitchell of has been the best thus far! He is a very professional individual and is excellent for what he does. He proved to me that fitness photographers worked twice as hard as the fitness model themselves. He is dedicated and wants every shot a "cover shot" so no time is wasted. His work speaks for itself. It was a pleasure working with John and I plan to shoot with him a million more times! Thank's John Mitchell for being one of a kind.


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