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Birthdate: April, 1979
Height: 5 10   Weight: 180
Email: bbpics

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As a young kid I was fascinated by muscles and the likes of Rocky, Rambo, and WWF Wrestling. And as I got a little older I would ride my bike down to the supermarket to buy the latest issue of Muscle Media 2000 or Muscle and Fitness.  When I turned fifteen years old, my Dad bought me a Universal machine and a set of 15lb dumbbells that I used almost everyday. I was hooked when I started seeing muscle tone and soon joined a gym. I have been weight training ever since. Throughout my elementary years, I participated in organized soccer, bowling, and flag football. But when junior high rolled around I chose my two favorites, football and track, which I played throughout high school. I was a sprinter in track and a running back in football. When it was time for college the career path I chose to pursue was Physical Education because of my love for sports, fitness, and working with kids. I have been teaching Physical Education in Nevada for 5 years.  I try to avoid deep fried foods, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, but I don’t eat any special diet or strive to be a bodybuilder. I just love to be at the gym working out. I average four weight training workouts per week and one day of boxing. My workouts usually consist of one or two body parts per day. I like to do compound movements first with heavy weights and then burn out with lighter weights and more reps towards the end.

I met John at the Arnold Fitness Classic in Ohio this year, and to be honest I was a little hesitant to work with him at first.  By dabbling in the modeling industry over the years I’ve learned you have to be careful about the people you meet and what their intentions are. After speaking with John over the phone several times, I decided to pack my bags for Phoenix for the photo shoot. I only had two weeks to prepare for the shoot, but I tend to keep in decent shape year around anyway.  Working with John was a great experience. He is diligent in his craft and very professional; he takes a genuine interest in each person he shoots. I highly recommend John Mitchell to any bodybuilder or aspiring fitness model. My goal is to keep working on my physique hopefully leading to more modeling jobs. I hope to pursue modeling as a part time job to complement my teaching and acting. One day I would love to be published in a fitness magazine.

My hobbies include working background for movies, watching football, boxing and UFC. I also love cooking and hanging out at the local pools in the summer.
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