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Andre Vettorato

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Birthdate: December, 1978
Height: 5 7   Weight: 175, 155 to 190
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My name is Andre Vettorato and I was born in Padova, Italy and lived there until I was 5 years old. At that time, my family and I moved to America looking for a better future.  I grew up on Long Island, New York and still currently live there. I have earned my Bachelor’s degree in International Business at St. Joseph’s College and a Master’s in Italian studies at SUNY Stony Brook.  I have been teaching Italian for the last 4 years and I am also an amateur bodybuilder in the INBF.  I have worked as a personal trainer and set up specific diets to several clients for several years before teaching. I have a S.M.A.R.T. Certification from DowlingCollege that allows me to be an educated, certified personal trainer.  I am CPR, First Aid, and AED certified.   



Physical Fitness has always been a passion of mine.  I have been working out since I was 16 years old.  For the past 10 years I have become extremely serious and dedicated to my training and diet.  I have found personal fulfillment from working out both mentally and physically.  Weight lifting not only leaves me with great satisfaction, but also acts as a stress reliever. I attended my first all natural competition last fall and placed first in a light weight class.  Along with attending future competitions, I would like to become active in the fitness modeling industry.  I am very personable, confident, intelligent, and always keep an open mind.  I believe that these qualities help me to become successful.      





Training Schedule


Monday – Chest, Triceps, and Abs


Tuesday – Back and Biceps


Wednesday – Hamstrings, Quads, and Abs


Thursday – OFF


Friday – Triceps and Calves


Saturday – Back and Biceps


Sunday – OFF





** Training Schedule changes on a monthly basis to obtain quality gains**





This is my current training routine for this month, but it changes on a monthly basis. I change my routine so it never allows the muscle to get used to the workout.   If you change your routine at least once a month, you can build quality muscle in a shorter amount of time.  I also alter my workout around how my body feels. If I need a day off, I will take off and let my body relax.  It is very important to learn and know how to “read” your body and see what it needs. Cardio is also a big part of my workout routine. I usually do cardio 3-4 times a week for at least 20-60 min depending on my current goals.






My diet consists of high protein, medium amount of carbohydrates and low fat.  I follow this type of diet almost all year round, except for when I want to lean out.  Then I would change it to high protein, low carb (but never under 200 grams a day), and low fat.  Dieting is very complicated and works differently for everyone.  I found this method to work really well for me.  My favorite dieting meals are optimum nutrition protein powder, lean steak, lean chicken, Italian tuna, flounder, fresh vegetables, olive oil, and complex carbs.  Cheat meals are essential for dieting because they fight cravings and keep your metabolism in check.  Some of my cheat meals include, Pasta, Pizza, Italian pastries and anything else I am in the mood for.


I recently had the opportunity to work with photographer, John Mitchell.  I have stayed in contact with him throughout the years with fitness talk and photo-shoots.  John Mitchell is great photographer with a lot of creativity and he is fun to work with.  I felt comfortable working with John and he is easy to communicate and share ideas with.  He also gave me some great advice for fitness modeling, and takes his time to share his work with others and explain his expertise.  On the last shoot we spent most of the day shooting at three different locations.  It was a lot of fun work, modeling and changing locations.  John rarely stopped on any breaks and also skipped lunch so he could take the best pictures possible according to the weather/sunlight.  We changed locations, according to the lighting, for the highest quality shots and at the end of the day we had some amazing photography!  I was very pleased to work with a serious photographer that puts time into his shoots and is passionate about his work. I learned a lot from my experience and always look forward to working with him in the near future. 




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