John Antorino

6', 210 lbs
18 neck, 48 chest
18 1/2 arms, 33 waist
25 1/2 quads, 16 1/2 calves

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Hey Everyone, My name is John Antorino. I am a male model/actor from New Jersey. I grew up in a family that was very into fitness, weight lifting, and bodybuilding. My uncle - Mike Antorino - was a great bodybuilder in the 1980's. Won the Mr. America title in 1985 among many other great titles. That was what got me into fitness and eventually drove me into modeling. Mike graced many covers of muscle magazines, traveled all over Europe, and made a good living with his great symmetry and good looks. I always wanted and still want to have the perfect physique, not too big, not too small. But, also with strong looks and good personality. My mother was also a competitive bodybuilder in the 1990's and still trains daily along with my twin sister Jill and my father. So, you see it's a family affair.

I have been involved in modeling for several years now. I have been featured in Men's Exercise, Exercise for Men, American Health&Fitness, MuscleMag International, Gym Magazine, Steele Jungle, Playgirl Magazine, Natural Bodybuilding, and several
international fashion magazines.

In 2001, I landed some fashion work in Europe (Paris, Germany, and Italy) where I did both runway and print work for various designers. The experience was amazing, to see the world and get paid for it and to do something you love doing. My goals for the future include, continued success in the modeling industry focusing more on the fashion end of it and also pursue my acting career more. I have many auditions and photo shoots ahead of me, but with my hard work and dedication I plan on achieving all of my goals.

Along with modeling and acting I have a college degree in Psychology, am personal trainer certified, and was recently a teacher of handicapped children for two years.

I now train twice a day. Cardio/Abs in the morning and one body part in the evening. I eat 6-8 small balanced meals throughout the day- consisting of chicken, tuna, eggs, turkey, yams, potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, and lots of water and vitamins.

I want to now speak on my working with photographer John Mitchell. John Mitchell owner and photographer of was a great person to work with. Very easy to get along with and to work with as well. I have shot with over 50 photographers and John rates high with me. I refer him to anyone who wants great shots and wants to work with a great man too.

I travel often for photo shoots, auditions, filming, and shows.

Feel free to contact me:

Take care - God Bless - Keep The Faith
~ John Antorino ~

John is also actively seeking sponsorship. Email if interested.

Business Site:
John's Photographer: BBpics.Com
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