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Birthdate: January, 1987
Height: 5 10   Weight: 175 to 185
Email: xirishfighter87x
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If anyone had ever inform me that strict dedication and motivation really could pay off years ago, I would laugh now.  Too make a long story short-I am Jarret McCarthy a typical fitness model/bodybuilder currently located in Essex County in New Jersey. Working out has always been a passion for me since I was 16. I been through the hardest of times and seen a lot of struggles along my way of success but throughout the journey, the gym was my only way of escaping reality and doing something I couldn’t have a bigger passion for-fitness. I eat a high protein diet and am constantly fueling my body every few hours to nourish its needs. As for my workout schedule I train Monday through Friday and take weekends off, and I run 3 to 4 times a week. I have done some basic modeling in the past and look to expose my dream to a larger level or stage in the near future.

As for my career, I have been a personal trainer for a lot of people however my biggest job is taking care of myself. I currently work in construction most of the time and with the rest of the time I am a current part time student and hope to branch off to newer adventures in my paths ahead.

During the time that I am not working out, my hobbies include football and teaching myself something I don’t know about.  I enjoy training my body on a daily basis as well as expanding my minds horizon on anything new I can learn.

As for my personality, I have always been a sweetheart. As soon as John Mitchell finished my photoshoot, he told me that I was a pleasure to work with. I intend to continue my journey towards success. I use everything I experience to make me the man I am in the end.

Working with John Mitchell was a wonderful experience. John came in contact with me after already have worked with my good friend in the past. Across my experience I have realized a lot about modeling and experiencing the actual art of photography and modeling. With John’s intelligence and genuine interest in photography, it has helped me to shape up a great beginning to a beautiful portfolio. He was very patient and helpful during the photo shoot and allowed enough time for all types of shots to be taken. He was very professional in his work and his ideas helped us find great shots. With John’s passion and my ambition, I feel I couldn’t want a better photographer to work with to aim for success.
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