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Birthdate: April, 1986
Height: 5 5   Weight: 150 to 155
Email: douglas.bennett

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It may be hard for some to find their place in life. Those individuals who are not fortunate enough to have their successful futures handed to them have to put forth the extra mile, therefore, people like myself are sure to pounce on every opportunity that aries. My name is Douglas “DC” Bennett. I am a small town guy from Hammond Louisiana. Finishing dry-wall in the construction industry is my current occupation. In May of 2009, I received a bachelors’ degree in business management. In my spare time away from gym activities and work, I ride my motorcycles as often as I can. I began racing dirt bikes competitively at the age of 5. Next to the fitness industry, motocross has been an influence and inspiration to me.   Greater than Moto-X, I dedicate my life to physical fitness and eating healthy, and the benefits that come along with that such as being fit and healthy is what makes me happy in life. Getting exposure and being promoted in this industry is a blessing. Few get this opportunity and I am gunning for the top.
My workout regimen consists of:
3 sets of 12-15 reps everything
Monday: chest
55 lbs-65 lbs dumbbell press- incline, decline, and flat.
25lbs-30lbs flys- incline and flat.
cross cable fly pull downs 20-30 lbs.
cross cable fly tree huggers 20-30 lbs.
fly machine-100 lbs-120lbs.
Tuesday: shoulders
seated dumbbell deltoid side raises-20lbs-25lbs.
standing dumbbell isolation deltoid side raises 25lbs.
seated dumbbell front raises-15lbs-20lbs.
35lbs plate front raises. (Cadillac’s)
easy curl bar front raises 15lbs.
shoulder dumbbell press- 35lbs.
shrugs- 45lb plates.
bent over isolation rows 45 lbs dumbbell. (Lawnmowers)
lateral dumbbell shoulder raises-20lbs-25lbs.
cross cable isolation front raises- 15lbs-20lbs.
cross cable isolation side deltoid raises-20lbs-25lbs.
 Wednesday: Arms
preacher easy bar curls close and wide grip-25lbs.
isolation bicep 30 lbs dumbbell.
cross cable isolation bicep curls 25 lbs.
tricep isolation dumbbell kickouts and cross cables kickouts-20lbs-25lbs.
skull crushers-50lbs.
Thursday: back
wide grip lat pull ups-10lbs.
lat pull downs-100lbs.
row machine-140lbs.
close and wide grip back rows-90lbs-100lbs.
lower back machines-90lbs.
Although I have never competed in competitions, I am very open-minded on the subject. I have too small of a frame to grow much larger than I already am.   I have been bigger than I am now and I know how to achieve that goal and look if that’s what I was looking for. High volumes of protein in both, shakes and diet, while consuming the perfect diet, should help most individuals gain mass and also see some striations. Never should anyone in this industry eat white breads. Wheat products only! A normal day for my diet consists of eggs and meats for breakfast (egg whites if possible). I will not drink milk unless it is reduced or skim milk. Lunch can range from Subway and Quiznos to Rolly Polly, who makes the best, rolled up, hot pressed sandwiches! When I am not eating on the road I tend to eat meats, which include: chicken breasts, turkey, ribs, steaks, and even deer. I highly recommend everyone to splurge here and there, and here is why. When we are dieting and watching closely the things we can and can’t have to look our best, we always have in the back of our mind how wonderful it would be to stretch our stomach out as far as we can with the most unhealthy, which is the most “delish,” foods. Therefore, if we do have a cheat day, we can at least post pone these thoughts for later down the road and it will not be racking our brains as hard. However I try to keep the splurging to a maximum of once-every two weeks.
I run Southeastern Louisiana University campus (2 miles) as often as I can which is on average three times a week. My diet mainly consists of low carbs, any meats, and wheat products only!!! Skinless chicken breast, grilled fish, and veggies are the key to a champion’s diet! I generally get my entire protein intake from my diet because protein shakes tend to blow my stomach up. Vitamin c and fish oils make up my daily supplement intake.
I just recently discovered the modeling world, or should I say a fellow model, “Alex Crappell,” discovered me, who in turn pointed me in the direction of BBPics and the owner John Mitchell. John is a very vivacious guy who is willing to stand toe to toe until the sunsets to get what I call “the money shot.” John is extremely fun to work with as well. John does mean all business; however, even he likes to have a few laughs on each shoot himself. He is sure to have a relaxed set. When models have individual problems, John is involved to an extent to help resolve your demise, on the other hand, also careful to give each model his\her space. John has a very open personality. He is extremely easy to talk to\with. After a weekend of working with John and many phone conversations, I feel as if he is there for me and my future in this industry. I have a blast hanging out with John and will look forward to each time I get that opportunity. These are the things that make John Mitchell of BBPics such a pleasure to work with.  
I would like to take this opportunity to thank someone who is currently involved with promoting me and also getting me recognition and exposure. This man goes by the name John Mitchell (, He is a wonderful photographer from Manchester, CT. I met him by crossing paths with one of his fellow models in southern Louisiana. John gave me the opportunity to work with him and we have been the best of friends every since. John is such a pleasure to work with. Making sure I am comfortable on his sets is his primary goal. John is an experienced photographer and he knows what can happen if a model is not comfortable. The whole shoot can get chaotic if as little as one person has a mood swing. John has exceeded my expectations, especially as a promoter. In as little as a few days after my shoot, he had already followed through with marketing me to several people. John and I communicate often and I literally can’t keep up with him sometimes because he is so rapidly putting me out to the public. His photography is some of the best I have seen and he seems to capture the best in everyone he shoots, therefore, I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to work with him, to jump on board. I am a rookie in the modeling industry, but I know this is where I want to be. I feel very comfortable, almost as if I am at home, in front of the camera. Maybe it’s because I am a natural or maybe because I love to show off my body and my looks! Either way I see myself evolving in the fitness modeling industry, striving for the top, always looking to take the next step and better myself and advancing my career.
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