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Birthdate: September, 1978
Height: 5 9   Weight: 169
Email: mdrfabio

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To begin with I would say that I’m one of those lucky guys in life because fortunately God has been benevolent and somehow He had put the right people at the right moment into my life. I would start this biography telling that I’m originally from Cali, Colombia at the young age of 13 my life turns into the party scene and at the same time liquor and more came into place and then I had 6 rough years living this life; I wouldn’t said that everything was bad living that way at all because I also had good memories of those days, I was 19 years old when one of my good friends  from college took me to the gym just to spot him during his workout and guess what? To my surprise I got hooked into the life style.
At that moment of my life I was 5’9” with 105 pounds and I used to drink and party pretty much every day but thanks to my good friend George my life made a change and I would said a drastic change because at that moment I stop partying which means no more drinking or smoking then for the following two years I dedicated myself to the gym exercising and eating healthy and that was the beginning of a new life I put on 60 pounds of solid muscle which at that time was like a extreme makeover because not even my good friends couldn’t recognize me after they saw me in the streets. I have something very remarkable from this decision and it’s that after I got into the exercising life style my life got a lot more organized and I went back to college to finish my career in systems engineer which wasn’t what I expected at that time, then when I was on my third year of my career I took a break and came to New York to visit my family and learn English.
It was during that trip when I got touched by the air of art and romanticism of New York city and strangely all these inspiration made a huge impression in my life to the point that a debate took place in my mind and it was if becoming an engineer would be the career for the rest of my life or if I should give the change to something else(acting, modeling, music ), so after being influence on the positive side I went back to Colombia and move from Cali to Bogota to pursuit my dream of acting, modeling and music. My life in Bogotá turned out into a consistent search and hustle going to a different castings and auditions every day, something that in that moment was representing time and dedication so I decided to finish my career as an engineer during night and looked up after my dream during the day, I would tell you this It wasn’t as easy as I thought and then money and more took a place into the equation, so in order for me to continue with my journey I had to find a job that would give me the chance to manage my own time and it was then when I meet my mentor in the world of Fitness Julio Cesar who suggest to me to become a Fitness trainer and that was how I got into the fitness world of helping people and changing lives and I think it was something meant to be especially after my own experience of change and success .
During this moment I developed a great passion to help others in their constant battle to change their body and their life. At the same time I was doing my acting classes, modeling and finishing my career then I finally got a role in a production and I would said it was one of those experiences that will stay in my heart forever, it was such a great experience that took me to the point that after I graduated from my engineer I moved back to New York and once again start looking after my dream and at the same time recertified myself as a Personal Trainer and nutritionist, then I found a Job on many different gyms in the area.
My life in New York was a successful one I got to be part of two different off-Broadway shows (three +1 and Quixxote’s Concert) and some short films and videos, I got to meet fantastic people in the world of fitness but I have to be honest I’m not a big fan of the frosty winter and the intense winds, so I moved once again and this time was to sunny south Florida and of course always pursuing my dream and my career as a Fitness instructor. Since I moved to south Florida my life has been a good life doing acting and modeling here and there writing music and poetry to my own delight, so after the first year here I got the opportunity to have my own gym and run my company in the world of fitness which is call MDR Fitness (Motivation, Determination & Results) so I have been running my own business for the past 3 years and thanks to God and my fantastic clientele my gym is a successful business.
Over the past year I decided to become a Fire Fighter which is something that has brought more passion into my desire of being always helpful to others and I’m really proud to inform you that two weeks ago I graduated from fire academy and now I’m a Firefighter /EMT but doesn’t stop there my journey continues and now I’m looking forward to start my paramedic school and then God will show me the next challenge. To my surprise God gave me a great graduation gift which was the pleasure to meet John Mitchell and work with him doing a Fitness photo shoot. Our shoot took placed in Palm city where I meet up with John and other fitness models in the industry like Joe Delio, CJ Benett and Jeff “iceman”.
The experience over the weekend with these people was one of those that I would never forget just for the matter that working with John Mitchell had made me grow as a model and as a person because he is the type of photographer who will allow you to be creative and to be you the most important part, he also would take in consideration each and every one of your ideas to the point that you will get to do what you want and at the same time he would be pleased as the mind behind the camera. John had show me the new aspect of fresh photography and different scenarios because he would take you to a different place where sometimes you would said oh no its nothing to get out of here but trust me on this one John will show u a new version of being creative and fresh and will give you the best shoot in the most unexpected places, so now all I just want to give you and advice If you are looking for a great photographer I will suggest to booked John and be ready to meet one of the greatest in the art of photography and also a cool guy.
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