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Birthdate: August, 1981
Height: 5 11   Weight: 190 to 195
Email: blk8976708

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Hello, my name is CJ Bauman and I currently reside in Lawrence, Kansas, otherwise known as the middle of nowhere. I grew up in Waco, Texas which is where I lived until the age of 23. I grew up on a farm doing a lot of ranch work with my family.
Due to my wife’s career in the Navy, I get to visit many regions of the United States. I have been here in Lawrence for about three years and I am ready to be back near the coast. I am hoping to be tanning on the sunny beaches of Florida next. One of the exciting things about my life is that I get to experience many types of cultures, geographies, and atmospheres.
I graduated high school in 2000 at a weight of 150 pounds. At around the age of 23, I began to work out and get in shape. At the beginning I would start and stop due to different partners not wanting to continue and my lack of knowledge. I finally got to the point where I could no longer rely on others and decided that I would have to do this for myself and by myself. Since that point I have trained off and on for five years at many different gyms across the country. I typically weight train from an hour and a half to two hours a day and perform cardio an hour to two hours a day depending on the scheduled events I have in the near future. At six foot, the largest weight I have reached was 224 during the summer of 2009. In September of 2009, I made the choice to cut my body fat down to take part in a photo shoot with John of In approximately two months I have reduced my weight from 224 to 195 pounds and I am now working on perfecting my body. My goal is to maintain a weight of 210 while keeping the lean muscle mass that I have at 195.
I came to know John through a mutual friend and fitness guru, Dan Freed. Dan introduced John and I at which time John invited me to a photo shoot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At this time I began conversing with John on the phone and sent him updated photos all the way up to the time of the photo shoot. John provided me with valuable advice and ideas of things that may need improvement so that we could have a great photo shoot. The experience was incredible and John was extremely professional and his photos speak for themselves. I want to thank John for all his time and would recommend him to any of my fellow fitness enthusiasts.   
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