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Josh Bowmar

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Birthdate: February, 1990
Height: 6 3  Weight: 200 to 205

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Fitness has been a part of my life ever since I could remember mostly from playing football, track, and being an avid hunter. However, I began training seriously in 2009 when I decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition. I never really ate unhealthy and always have trained hard, but having a goal to compete in a bodybuilding competition motivated me to push my body to its limit. Nevertheless, I still changed my diet one week before, to be completely dehydrated and be ripped as humanly possible for the show. In addition, when I train I do not have any particular routine I do every week. I go into the gym with certain muscle groups in mind and then I train targeting just those muscles till failure. In the end, I found out training and dieting as hard as I did was absolutely worth it because after walking off the stage I was not disappointed because I received 2nd place in the men’s light heavy weight class! I greatly enjoyed that competition and plan on continuing my bodybuilding, as well as getting involved with fitness competitions.
I have always wanted to be a model and bodybuilder, except for I never had the knowledge on how to get started. Nevertheless, that all changed when I was introduced to Rick Steiner, and what a true blessing and testimony he has been to my life. With RStein Model Management behind me I know I am going to be above the norm, and do great things without lowering myself to the crude and vulgar elements of the modeling world.
Accordingly, I am the type of person that loves to help others and I have always trained my friends and other fellow students to better themselves in the classroom, gym, and in their walk with Christ. Now they will witness hard work really does pay off in the end. Through me becoming a model and being apart something so big, truly has been a motivational experience not just for me, but to all of the people I have came in contact with in my community, college, home, and people in the gym.  
Just recently I went down to Connecticut and worked with my first photographer, John with BBPics Photography. John is not just an absolutely astounding photographer, but also a wonderful person. For example, he always went out of his way to accommodate me and make sure I was happy, from my constant need for food to taking me to Cabelas to look at hunting equipment. Even though he had no interest in hunting at all, he still went to Cabelas just make sure I had a joyful experience outside of the photographs, which shows how wonderful of a person John really is. Speaking of photographs john’s ability to take photos is truly incredible. Not only was his pictures first-class but the way he took the pictures was first-class as well. For instance, he never once asked me to do anything that would jeopardize my morals or beliefs. I am significantly grateful for his respect as an individual and his hospitality he showed me during my time in Connecticut. Thus, I feel working with John of will open up some amazing opportunities for me to further my career in this industry and make something of myself as a model and as a person.
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